I’m such a lucky Wolf Cub.

I was invited to Windsor Castle, to experience The St George’s Day Parade of Queen’s Scouts. It is a very special day indeed! Not only Queen’s Scouts, but recipients of Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Awards and also, adult volunteers who have been awarded Good Service Awards.

Scouts first visited Windsor in July 1911, when 26,000 came to the Castle, for what was then the largest recorded gathering of youth in Britain. The Scouts were reviewed by Robert Baden-Powell and King George V, both were mounted on horseback. The St George’s Day Parade was established some years later in 1934. We are privileged to continue to be permitted access to such magnificent surroundings

On arrival at Windsor Castle, we had some photographs taken. 




We were met by this very friendly and helpful Warden, who was very pleased to be asked to have his photograph taken.



I’m pleased that I got off that post quickly as it disappeared into the ground to let an important car enter the Castle!

We were directed to The Admission Centre. For security purposes, we had to go through airport-style security checks. Not sure I liked that bit, but very necessary.

Once inside the grounds, we made our way to the Quadrangle, past the Round Tower.

There are 200 steps to the top of one of the nation’s iconic landmarks. I didn’t have time to go up the tower – maybe another day? 

Pointed in the right direction, we took our places in the Quadrangle for the Parade. In the summer, when the Queen is in residence, Changing the Guard usually takes place on the lawn in the Quadrangle. While we waited, I watched the aeroplanes flying into Heathrow Airport. Wow they’re loud and so low. If I could read I would have been able to tell you the names of all the airlines!


Scout bands have always been honoured to participate in 
the annual St
 George’s Day Parade at Windsor Castle. This year, 1st Ibstock 
and 1st Claygate had the honour.


They were great and of course Guards looked amazing in their uniforms. They are known for the busby they wear. If only I could have tried one on, but I don’t think that you would have seen me underneath it? It would be a great addition to my collection of hats!

The Queen’s Scouts and the Colour Party moved into position and awaited the arrival of HRH The Duke of Kent. 

This year, Chief Scout, Bear Grylls and our UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt met HRH and escorted him as he reviewed the Queen’s Scouts. 


The review gives the Queen’s Scouts a chance to shine in front of His Royal Highness, a privilege that they have fully earned by achieving Scouting’s highest youth honour!


Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Award holders then got the chance to meet His Royal Highness, the Chief Scout and the UK Chief Commissioner. 

His Royal Highness then took to the dais to watch the colours parade past.


After the parade of the Colours had passed, The Queen’s Scout’s and Gallantry and Meritorious Award Holders left the Quadrangle to well deserved applause and cheers.



The National Scout Service followed in St George’s Chapel, but I had been invited to attend a special reception for Gallantry and Meritorious Award Holders.


This is the table we were allocated to sit at. Just one of 16, with 8 guests sat at each. 

Everyone had arrived early at the Castle, so they couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea.

Scones with jam and cream – Mmm, yummy. 




This is my new friend Duncan from 1st Headcorn, Kent. He was there with his friend Adele


I met some great people. Queen’s Scouts who have helped others and made a real impact. Adult volunteers with great courage in personal difficulties and poor health and Award Holders who had exhibited tremendous bravery and heroism. Others who had administered life saving first aid. The list was endless. What a wonderful day to remember!

Oh yes and did I mention that I met Bear Grylls! 


What an honour to meet our Chief Scout. A great ambassador for the Scout Association!!




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