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  Pic 1 Gatwick Airport     We headed to Gatwick Airport for our flight to Geneva in Switzerland. On arrival, we made our way to a historical roman town called Nyon which is by Lac Léman (the Swiss name for Lake Geneva).  It was a lovely clear and sunny late afternoon where we could clearly see Mont Blanc, one of the highest mountains in France which is on the other side of the Lake. As you can see from the photo, it still has snow on the mountain.Pic 2 Mont Blanc We took a train ride to a lovely town called Montreux which is known as the Swiss Riviera due to its luxurious hotels and restaurants on the lake.   Pic 3 Montreux Pic 4 Montreux Pic 5 Montreux Freddie Mercury





As we walked along the side of the lake, there were many statues and beautiful flowers.  Here I am with a bronze statue of Freddie Mercury, lead singer with the group Queen.


After a long car journey, we visited a village called St Léonard which is just outside of the town Sion.  The mountains are much higher here in the Swiss Alps.  Under this mountain is a large lake called Lac Souterrain and it is the largest underground lake in Europe. Pic 6 St Leonard Pic 7 Lac Soutterain Pic 8 Boat on lake




It was originally the largest underground lake in the world but due to an earthquake in 1946, earth and rock fell down in the middle.  The other part of the lake is no longer accessible or visible from this side of the lake although there are four small entrances outside and are only used by experienced cave experts.  Due to no sunlight underground, nothing grows down here however, they did introduce some carp fish some years ago and they are fed by hand every day and have survived well.

We then went on a boat on the lake and was given a guided tour in various languages which included French, German and English.  Sometimes they hold concerts down here as the acoustics (sounds) are very good!

Pic 11 water fountainDuring our trip, we made a visit to central Geneva to see the D’Eau Gèneve which translates as water of Geneva.It is a 140ft fountain on the lake and we were lucky to see it as it is sometimes turned off on windy days.     On the other side of the lake you can stand on a jetty next to the fountain but will get quite wet from the wind blowing the water onto you!


Our next stop was the United Nations building. This is where members of Parliament from lots of countries gather together to discuss events that are going on around the world and try to resolve issues peacefully. Pic 13 United Nations BuildingYou can see all the various flags from the different countries lined up on the entrance to the building.

Interestingly, there is a large wooden chair with a broken leg outside the the building and I do not think I have ever seen a chair this big before!

Pic 12 broken chair at UN








I had a fantastic time in Switzerland and enjoyed seeing all of the mountains.  Au revoir!!

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