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A Country situated just off the South East coast of India. The flag was designed to recognise the various different cultures of Sri Lanka (Formally Ceylon). The lion (Sinha) is representative of the Sinhalese people, the sword(Kastane) symbolises Bravery. the deep red back ground reflect the colour of the early Sri Lankan flag. The four gold leaves are the four values of Buddhism Mettha (kindness), Karuna (compassion), Muditha (joy), Upekkha (equanimity). The two vertical stripes are green for Moors ( Islam) and Orange representing the Tamil people. This Island is known as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

August 2014




I’ve just got back from a very exciting trip to Sri Lanka. Here am I in Kandy the cultural capital of the island, with all the friends I went with.

2_Resting_1 3_Resting_on_stone






My first day in Sri Lanka I needed a bit of a rest, as it was a 10.5 hour flight to get here!


On the second day I visited the rain forest and stayed in a cabin on stilts overlooking the river. The friends I went with went canyoning in the river, but I decided to stay dry.  Luckily this was the only snake I encountered!





Here I am with Nathan, getting a great view of Kandy.


While in Kandy we visited the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. The king of Sri Lanka created this park in the 18th century. There are thousands of trees here and an orchid house.




This is Sigiriya Rock. In the third century BC Buddhist monks used to live here, then in the 5th century AD King Kassapa buit a palace at the top. It is now a World Hertiage Site.


This is me at the top of the rock. I walked all the way up here, it was 1058 steps – my friends helped me count them!




This is the final step. I feel on top of the world.



My last full day in Sri Lanka, but one of my favourites, we visited the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage.

11_Elephants_2 10_Elephants


There are almost 100 elephants here that have been orphaned, abandoned or injured. We got to watch them take a bath in the river.



Thank you for a wonderful experience in Sri Lanka to Nathan and his brilliant family

Now I am back with a couple of days to rest before preparing for my next trip to the wonderful Greek Island of Crete, so must brush up on my Greek



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