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My latest travel story comes from a  small island in South East Asia off the south coast of The Malay Peninsular called Singapore. I did visit briefly earlier in the year for the Formula 1 Grand Prix with Caterham F1 Team, but was so busy could not get out and about.

Now I am on holiday and will get to see lots of places.

Another bag Another trip

Another bag Another trip


I have got my Singaporean Dollars which are valued at about £0-49p each so I will work on dividing the cost in half to see what it would cost if I could buy it in Britain.


Emergency Rations

Emergency Rations


A new Drink

A new Drink

I am quite excited about another new environment and different food and drinks. I quite enjoyed the Mango Sago drink with coconut jelly in it .


On arrival the temperature was so hot I thought I might find some shade in the Botanical Gardens

An old tree

An old tree

Pretty Colours

Pretty Colours

Quite Cool

Quite Cool






Check out all the beautiful plants

Little green Bananas

Little green Bananas

I found a banana Tree, but do not think the fruit is ready to eat yet. Then I visited the largest Aquarium you could imagine.P1010230






I  saw some glowing jellyfish swimming upside down and some beautifully coloured coral.

Coloured Coral

Coloured Coral








Now it was a visit to Gardens by The Bay and the very interesting building which was Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the surf board as a roof which was a swimming pool

Marina Bay Sands Hotel



Tea Table

We thought we would take the lift to 57th floor for Afternoon Tea which gave us some wonderful views.



P1010125 P1010130 P1010132





Then we went inside the gardens where we found some more wonderful flowers and displays to celebrate Diwali which is special Hindu festival of Light giving praise to the goddess LakshmiLakshmi Goddess

Much cooler in here, was very impressed to see the Indoor waterfall from both sides because of an amazing walkway. So clear



waterfall view






There was so much to see and so many different flowers




P1010152The Singapore Skyline is a sight to see ….





…it almost looks better at night though.





P1010388One day we took a trip across the causeway to Malaysia. There were stamps for our passports as we were going to another country.



P1010261 P1010262

We stopped at a shopping mall with a beautiful beaded floor covering.

We travelled a little way up the country to Malacca and visited St Paul’s Hill with it’s clock Tower where I found a cannon


St Pauls St pauls CannonSt paul's inside





We then took a ride in a boat up the River Melaka. Lots of interesting pictures of the scenery along the route. Wonderfully decorated buildings

Now for some of the interesting food I discovered while on my travels in Asia.

Custard Apples

Custard Apples

Cut Open. What's this?

Cut Open. What’s this?


They do not look like the apples we have in England, the skins are not smooth. When cut open they have pips that are larger than those we know.


We found a typical fast food stalls selling fishballs on sticksP1010341


and  Sugar Cane Juice





Which one first?

Which one first?


Now  for some cake which one should I try first? Milk Cake, the white one filled with a type of custard, pandan cake the green slices or the coloured steamed cakes, mango, blueberry or apple. Maybe the red bean fish shaped waffle would be better?

Eventually I tried them all, but the most amazing was the pandan cake, it was the lightest cake I have ever known. I had to bring one home so the family could try it.

Japanese Food

Now thought I would try some Japanese food. There were lots of choices, carrot/courgette,Noodles, Pork & Chicken plus Fish

On another day it was time for some Dim Sum which is a selection of small dishes to choose fromDim Sum

chicken feet


Now for a traditional delicacy chicken feet. They also serve soup that is so filling you could hardly call it soup it was a mealSoup


Dumplings They also make dumplings that do not look anything like what I know, but were served on a beautiful leaf with a sauce. this was all washed down with a refreshing cup of Jasmine tea.


Now for the desserts, Natural Yoghurt, white chocolate crumble, Mango Pudding.  I really enjoyed a Mango smoothie though which I had when we attended the Melbourne Cup a Polo Tournament


Mango SmoothieMango Pudding





All this scrumptious food and drinks, so I decided I needed to attend a special event held when they closed Orchard Rd, the main thoroughfare so 900 people could take part in Yoga

My Yoga  Mat

My Yoga Mat

Look how many

Look how many

and then I went off  for a class at True Yoga with my new friend Jacqui.

True Yoga




Thank you to Yvonne, Lauren, Jacqueline, Max and Gemma  who all contributed to a wonderful time in Singapore.

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