2015 Return to Cyprus

Read about my first trip Here

I’ve just returned from Cyprus where all my travelling began two years ago…




At the controls of the flight from London Gatwick to Larnaca Cyprus.

The Pilot must have been very brave or did not have the engine turned on .

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Dancing Group Athanasia.

Cyprus and Greek dancing show.

In 2001 he entered the Guinness Book of records, when he danced with 21 glasses on his head.



In Larnaca with my friends Christine and Norman.


2000 miles from home and Christine and Norman take us to get fish and chips! Lambros Fish&Chips, Dekeleia Garrison.  People travel from all over Cyprus to eat Fish & Chips here.

S5002288I’m planning a day out on the “Original open top Red Bus”, tour.

The Original Red Bus.S5002282





Here I am with “Daisy” the bus




Alan, our guide, showing us Famagusta.





The walls of the original Royal Palace, built in the 13th century.





S5002280 S5002277

The narrow streets of  the Venetian-walled city.





Originally St Nicholas Cathedral, construction took almost 100 years. The Ottoman Turks invaded in 1571 and the Cathedral was converted into a Mosque.




Before we get back on the bus, with our guide Alan and our driver “Let’s go Clive”.

My ADC thought the shirts would have been great for CUBARNIVAL 2016


From Famagusta, we were taken across the border to the Turkish side of the island, to Constantia Beach.  Cyprus_Map


From here, we were able to see the ghost city of Varosha, uninhabited since the 1974 invasion and beyond the military zone, so no photography allowed. A very sad and eerie sight.


When we stopped for a drink, look what I found, to remind me of home and just my size!

I do hope that one day I might return to Cyprus, but for now, my travelling is winding down for the Cubs’ Centenary in 2016.