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As part of my Community Service Challenge I have just managed to squeeze in, between my world travels, some time with another charity. The British Red Cross. Just like the Scout Association, the Red Cross is an international organisation working all over the world. Check out their website


This is “Markey the Paramedi-Bear” who showed me around.






They have Seven Principles that all their members must abide by, just like the Scout Laws.
Humanity = Caring & Promoting International Humanitarian Law
        Impartiality = Treats the most needed first, from either side of a dispute
             Voluntary service = mostly volunteers
                   Neutrality = NEVER takes side in conflicts or disputes
                       Unity = Work together to achieve results
                           Independence = No government can tell them how to do their work
                              Universality = This can be anywhere in the world

I am sorry I can only tell you it was in Southern England. (Their work involves people who are injured or in desperate need of help and it is not right to discuss them with others who are not involved in their care. So, you will not know who I am talking about).
Can you think of other people who are not allowed to tell about the people they deal with? (Answers at the end of this blog)


I was allowed to attend a bonfire duty where the British Red Cross was providing the First Aid cover.



The First Aid post was set up in a football changing room and you can see me helping put up the sign



Getting the First Aid Post ready.
















I did get to see the fireworks but I had to snuggle into Philip’s Red Cross coat to prevent me getting too cold.




                                        Do you think it suits me?







There were not many injuries, but there were two very serious hand injuries from people holding or picking up lit fireworks which” went off” that needed to go to hospital.

This proves the importance of getting my Emergency Aid Badge. Paramedi-Bear Markey then taught me about the importance of the firework code.

Here is the link for you to learn the code

We were very tired so we all went home about midnight and straight to bed. We had to go back the next day to pack all the kit away.
People who are not allowed to tell you about the people they deal with?
Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Pharmacist other NHS Staff = (Patient confidentiality)
Members of Red Cross or other Medical Organisation = (Patient confidentiality)
Police Officers, Diplomats & Secret Services = (Official Secrets)
Computer Operators = (Data Protection)
Minister of Religion = (Personal Confidentiality)
(There are many more)

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