Snowdonia – October 2013

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Wales Flag

Wales Flag

Hi Everyone,

I had a safe trip back from Dubai and my air miles are growing quickly, but thought I needed to see what our Explorer Scouts got up to when they go away. A trip to the lovely Principality of Wales and Snowdonia National Park is my next adventure.

cub_paws_sI travelled down the M40 and into Wales to prepare for a Climbing Expedition. Nobody told me I needed hiking boots and a rucksack and survival rations on this trip, but it seems all good scouts never go on a Hike without Being Prepared for all circumstances. I am learning  a great deal about outdoor adventures.


On Snowdon

On Snowdon

I am only a little wolf and it was hard work climbing Snowdon, but I reached the top, but managed to find Emily’s nice comfortable rucksack to come down again as it was quite wet and windy, but not too cold.


Llanberis Pass

Llanberis Pass

Good Night.  Do not forget the clocks go back one hour on Sunday 27th October at 2am. I am now off for a good sleep so my paws can recover before my next adventure to The Underground Power Station. I must not get too tired as I have a flight to Florida booked. The weather will be different over the Pond


Today we went to the underground hydro-electric (water powered) power station at power_station_across_lakeDinorwig, which is very close to the Snowden Mountain Railway and Llanberis where we are staying.

Viewed from across  Llyn Padarn (Llyn is Lake in English), the power station is hidden from veiw built inside the mountain, so the beautiful Snowden National Park natural beauty is not destroyed.  It’s unofficial name is “Electric Mountain”.

The power station was built on the site of an old slate quarry – the remains can be seen behind the building in the centre of the picture above. The upper reservoir for the power station is high up in the mountains above.



Here I am at the entrance – but I was not let in!!! Apparently it is not a place for little wolf cubs.

My new friends were not even allowed to take photos once inside the power station but they did find out about some great  pictures at a web site about the station. The address is

Whilst I was waiting for the others to take the tour, I did my homework on this power station. It is known as a “pumped storage station” which means that when no electricity is needed, they use the spare electricity to pump water from the bottom lake up to the reservoir in the mountains.

Then when everyone suddenly decides they need electricity, they let all that water coming power_Station_diagramrushing down from the mountain again into the lake. They can be generating electricity just 16 seconds after all the kettles are switch on at the end of a football match.  Clever isn’t it?

They have made a pretty picture of what it looks like. They seem quite proud of the fact that they can raise or lower the level of the water in the two lakes just by generating electricity or storing power (water) for later use.

Inside the moutain there is a giant cavern and tunnels that can take a bus. I do wish they had let me in to see all this. Ah well maybe when I am older I can come back.



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