Dubai – October 2013

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United Arab Enirates

United Arab Emirates

Hi Cubs, Snaggles here updating you on my latest adventure.

On Monday 21st October I headed off to Gatwick to catch another plane to Dubai in the Middle East, part of the United Arab Emirates. The flight was really good and there were TV screens in the back of all of the seats so I was able to put my paws up and watch a film or two. I was hoping that I might have got to watch the Jungle Book (my favourite film) but they didn’t have this so I watched Toy Story Three instead.

The flight was about seven hours but finally I arrived in Dubai. I asked the Passport control to stamp my passport but think my Arabic is a bit rusty so he just waved me past. I saw a couple of men in uniform and asked them to stamp my passport. They were very interested in what I was up to in Dubai and asked me to follow them to another room where there were other officials. Fortunately they then found a stamp and I was on my way.

When I got to the hotel I was a little concerned that the lift was on the outside










luckily it had an inside lift. Here are a few photos of me getting to find my way around the hotel




In the last picture you can see me relaxing before bed. I forgot to mention that part of my trip was to recce (that means to find out information about something) the area for the Chief Scout to see if Dubai would be a good location for one of his survival programs. Early in the morning I headed off to check out the local wildlife…





…. didn’t find much apart from these unlikely specimens. After all that wildlife spotting I headed back for a quick relax












Once I had charged the batteries after a hard morning taming the wildlife it was time to report back to Chief Scout. “Hi Bear, Snaggles here. I have recced Dubai and it is very flat and the wildlife is not very wild…..”





Once I had finished on the phone to Bear it was time for me to write this blog before flying home. Where next I wonder……….








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