Czech Republic – October 2013

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Czech Republic – October 2013

Czech Republic

Czech Republic


Hello Sutton Cubs and Leaders,

Snaggles here again, reporting on my latest travels!

Some very kind people, Matthew, Sian, John and Mark, invited me to come along with them to the Czech Republic. They were going to a wedding, and thought it would be fun for me to come along too.

I was told this trip would be a plane journey followed by a train ride, which I was very excited about, but at the last minute we decided to take a car, not a train, which was disappointing, but meant we got a more comfy ride!

We started off with an early morning journey to Heathrow, which is a very busy airport, and took a plane to Prague. I found the journey rather bumpy, but we got breakfast, so I was happy.


At Prague Airport with the runways behind me.

At Prague Airport, we stopped for a drink and a sit down whilst we waited for our car. Then we drove for over 200 miles up into the mountains of the East Czech Republic. The journey was very long, with lots of roadworks, but as the weather was nice, we saw lots of the countryside.


In the Lounge at Prague Airport.


I even sampled a drink of orange









Our hotel was up a long road among some trees, but had a good view down into a little valley. When we arrived it was late, so we didn’t explore until the next day, but when we did get out, we found the hotel had a crazy golf course, a swimming pool and a play room. I played crazy golf, but found it rather difficult.

If I shout there is a great echo - Czech-Republic

If I shout there is a great echo – Czech-Republic

Here I am at the hotel enjoying the Beskydy mountains of the Czech Republic(the northern part of what was known as Czechoslovakia until 1993 when it separated from Slovakia).


The next day, we had a big party which was apparently the wedding. As I had never been to one before, I didn’t know what to expect, but I saw someone in a white dress who they told me was the bride, and she looked very happy and pretty. There was lots of food and dancing late into the night, so I went to bed a bit tired.



Back at the Airport ready for the trip home

 On my last day away, we drove all the way back to Prague, and saw the countryside again, and had some time at Prague Airport, where I went in the lounge and watched the planes take off and land.

 Overall, it was a very hectic trip, but it was nice to see the countryside and the wedding, and everyone was very friendly to me.

I have enjoyed my journey from Prague and the beautiful autumn colours here.


Love Snaggles X



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