Cyprus – September 2013

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11th September – 2nd October




I’ve never been on holiday before, but Steven Luck, (G.S.L at 3rd Cheam) and his wife Jill have given me a great first experience!  I’ve just returned from 3 lovely weeks in sunny Cyprus.  It was very hot, but G.S.L. said that I should keep my scarf and cap on, to protect me from getting sunburnt! I really didn’t understand the language, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying myself.

They took me on an aeroplane, which was very strange. I didn’t know that I could fly.  When we reached Larnaca Airport, I met the first of many Greek Cypriots.  She asked if I had a passport, which she stamped to say that I had arrived!

We were staying just 3Km from Ayia Napa, but I wasn’t allowed to go clubbing as I had to go to bed early. I did enjoy a bottle of tonic water with a straw one night in a restaurant, but I wasn’t allowed anything stronger.


I was asked to sit on the corner of the breakfast table, so that I could have my photo taken with the pool behind me – I was happy to oblige. I was then introduced to the manager of where we were staying he thought I was ‘cute’ and was very happy to have his photograph taken with me, as were the owners of bars and restaurants and the owners of the water sports on the beach.


We had morning coffee and cake in a lovely beach bar every day.  I loved being on the beach, where I played on the jet skis, canoes and pedalos.  I tried swimming for the first time with a float, but my legs were too short!  I was much better at playing on the sand with my toys and sitting on the sun bed, where I made lots of new friends.  Just like a typical Cub, I even found a lovely palm tree to climb!


Steven and Jill drove to Nicosia, where I had my photograph taken with the statue of somebody called Archbishop Makarios, in front of his palace. Old Nicosia was very quaint, with lots of little back streets.  I could easily have got lost if Steven and Jill hadn’t held on to me very tightly! I also had to pose in front of the Cyprus flag, which has the shape of the island on it.


I’ve had such a lovely time with Steven and Jill who have taken such good care of me. (Keeping me clean and dry and out of harms way). I’m going to miss them very much and I’ve heard them say that they will miss having me around.  We have become very good friends and I hope that I will meet them again in the future?  They have taken me with them wherever they went.  I’ve met so many local people and holidaymakers and have become something of a celebrity thanks to them spreading the word about Scouting in the UK.

They’ve even been asked to email some of my photos back to Cyprus!  I would just like to say one thing to them, “efharisto”.

If this is what holidays are all about, I’m already looking forward to my next trip …


We discovered by coincidence, that the Cyprus Scouts Association is celebrating their Centenary this year and we thought it would be a nice gesture to include this in my report


30 January 2013

Commemorative Issue

Cyprus Scouts Association Centenary

The Cyprus Scouts Association (C.S.A.) was founded in 1913 and is a member of the World Scout Movement Organisation. Since its establishment, the C.S.A. – through its Scout training – has provided its members with the necessary skills for life, teaching them their duty towards God and their Country and love for others. As a result, all those who wore and continue to wear the Scout uniform, are active participants in and contributors to society. Many of our heroes were Scouts and sealed with their lives the Promise that they had made when becoming members of the Scout movement.

Cyprus Scouts StampIt is estimated that more then 100.000 youngsters in Cyprus have been Scouts during these 100 years, and today the C.S.A. has around 6.000 members, with 54 active Scout Groups. 

Text: Cyprus Scouts Association

Image Source: Stamps and Philatelic Service, Cyprus Post






Tony and Peter at the beach bar

Landa Golden Beach Bar and Restaurant
Located between Nissi Beach and Macronnisos Beach
Ayia Napa





Adonis, the hotel manager

Tssokos Paradise Village
Nissi Avenue
Ayia Napa




Andreas, restaurant managerCyprus-Andreas

The Garden of Eden Restaurant
144 Nissi Avenue
Ayia Napa





Luca, restaurant manager

Agrotikon Restaurant
136 Nissi Avenue
Ayia Napa




Christopher & Agi, owners of water sports on the beach

A & C Watersports
Landa Beach




Chris & Michael, restaurant owners

Gardens Restaurant
Nissi Avenue
Ayia Napa








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