India November 2013

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Hello Everyone,

It’s Snaggles here from my seat on a Jumbo Jet in Mumbai with my friend Jan who has accompanied me on an amazing India Adventure. This is our return flight after a very exciting few days. We have decided to try another Continent – Asia.

Recently I flew from Heathrow airport to Mumbai, where I had to jump onto another internal flight to Rajkot in North West Gujarat. We then travelled another two hours by car to another state in India called Jamnagar. I was allowed to pick cotton in a huge field whichcashew nuts was so white and soft. Next we took a tour of a spice plantation. Did you know cashew nuts grow on trees and you only get ONE nut per fruit which is why they are so expensive?


Peacocks roam free in certain parts of India and I was lucky to see two down by the river. The area we were in is looking very green with the rivers and lakes very full as the rainy season has just finished.


Diwali was being celebrated while we were there. It is the Hindu religion’s Festival of Light so it was very exciting with lots of noise and fireworks. Diwali means “rows of lighted lamps”.

After all this excitement it was time to move on to Goa. Another two plane trips saw me in the lovely palm fringed beaches of Goa in the south of the country. It is very different from North India and has a much more relaxing feel to the location. So it is on with the swimming trunks and down to the beach. Donned my sunglasses, did a bit of beach combing and then drank some refreshing coconut juice out of a green coconut, DELICIOUS!Coconut

The weather was very hot 32 degrees.



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