British Military Tournament


Oyster Card at the ready

I was invited to go to London to see the British Military Tournament at Earls Court.

First we had to get there so it was onto the Underground.


A quick check on the route to go







Using the Underground involved riding on an escalator to get to Charring Cross Underground Station and I needed to use my Oyster Card to get onto the tube train.


Then a rest on the seat ready for an active afternoon.


Just checking on how many stops still to go.









The train was quite crowded so I could not get many photographs but I did manage to look at the map to check where we were going.


WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! – at Earls Court



Thats what we are here to see.










Now that is a mean machine. He looks very proud of his helicopter.


The reason for my trip to London was to go to the Military Tournament at Earls Court Exhibition Hall. So much to see and do that I can only tell you some of the things I saw and did obviously getting permission first.




I sat on the wing of an Apache helicopter………..


Another mean machine when it was built. Still looks very impressive.








I tried to join the Red Arrows but they didn’t have a flying suit in my size so I tried the life raft instead.


Now that’s a bit big. Tailor! Please!



Very intersesting……. plenty of room inside this emergency raft for me.


I broke the code and got the reward!










How they made codes years ago – the famous ENIGMA machine









I was introduced to the ‘Enigma’ machine from Bletchley Park and tried my skills at code breaking, clever me I solved the code and won a chocolate bar.

They let me try on a diving helmet and ride a remote controlled robot explosives detector and destroyer even though I fell off. I then sat on the Blood Hound SSC which is a jet car which has been designed to beat the land speed record.


I am sure I can hide in here and become the fastest mascot on land in the world.



This gives a very good view when diving. Made to measure!










Now that is SMART!

Now that is SMART!

Soldiers in uniform were everywhere but a smartly dressed one held me for a snap shot.



Just checking the tickets. Would be a problem if they had forgotten them!





Into the hall to find our seats in time for the show to start.



Wonder how they got that submarine through the Thames Barrier. At least they did not need to raise Tower Bridge!

Wonder how they got that submarine through the Thames Barrier. At least they did not need to raise Tower Bridge!



We stood for the National Anthem then the show began with the Royal Marines Band, Tanks, Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery with 6 guns each pulled by 6 horses and ending their show with very loud bangs as they fired the guns, luckily they were blanks.



That’s good timing ….. so close.






They were inch perfect at such a speed.

They were inch perfect at such a speed.









Wow!!! really hard work

Wow!!! really hard work



The White Helmets display team balancing on motor bikes. The gun race with the boys and girls from Wellington College and we all shouted for our team. I shouted for team Terrible.




That gun is heavy


What a show. Shame its ended.

What a show. Shame its ended.


All too soon the show was over and time to go home.


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    I am looking forward to seeing what Snaggles does on Thinking Day….. I expect he will do more than just think!

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