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Malta is a country that is made up of a number of small islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The group of islands are south of the toe of Italy towards Africa.

The two main islands are Malta itself and Gozo.

The group of islands were under attack for long period of the Second  World War and as a way of recognising the suffering and to raise spirits, King George VI award the people of the islands the George Cross. This was the first time ever that the George Cross had been awarded to a group of people rather than an individual. 

A tribute memorial to the people of Malta has been erected close to the tower of London with a record of events and a map.



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  1. Larry and Sue Pinder says:

    It was a real pleasure taking Snaggles with us on our Malta holiday. He had a great time meeting new people and visiting some really fascinating places.
    Good luck Snaggles on your continued adventures around the world.

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