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Three friends Ann, Philip and Ralph took me to the Isle of Wight with them. P1040922We had to start from Portsmouth to get a ferryP1040923 and while we P1040927 were sailing out of the harbour a hovercraft tried to race us. It soon overtook us as we were having a relaxing start to our holiday.

We docked and travelled to our hotel The RowboroughP1050182



The view from the bedroom was beautiful. This was a lovely hotel. Now to settle in and get some sleep before we start our adventures.

P1040932Today we are starting with a trip to the railway station which would take us to Smallbrook Junction.pic 3

We purchased tickets for the P1040981steam railway. Two types of trains on my first day. The train driver and staff  of The Isle of Wight Steam Railway were so friendly and helped us gets lots of photos. I found some really good points to get views

The Steam train took us to Haven Street where there was a Bird of Prey Display. My friend Ann took me to meet an owl who did not want to play, but his feathers looked very soft.


Then it was time for a treat which one should I try firstP1040978

After a good nights sleep and a splendid breakfast it was time to plan the next place of Interest.



In the car we set the Sat Nav to PO30 3AA to find

The Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum at Arreton.




A DVD of information gave us the details and then we found a picture opportunity in the museum.P1040990

A  model of a pirate was a very good place for another pictureP1040991.

I found the lighthouse optic from Broadness Lighthouse on The river Thames. It was used until 1977.

We then set the car in a North Westerly direction for Butterfly World at Newport. I had not seen a butterfly so close before. P1050004 P1050006 P1050007

They are so light, all different shapes and beautiful colours.

There was so much more to see than just butterflies. P1050008 P1050009 P1040995 P1040996

There is also a fountain and garden section.

P1050019Philip held me firmly so I did not get into theP1050015 P1050018 P1050011 water, but I did get very close to a big fish called a Koi Carp, had a ride on a tortoise, then found a Japanese Dog statue and a P1050013Buddha, before having a rest on a bench




We then settled for a trip to a quiet Water Fountain Musical show called Waltzing Waters. It was so peaceful, but very dark so you could see all the colours and the water display. The music was wonderful and very relaxing after our busy day.

Tuesday we decided would be a trip to Osborne House.

A favourite residence of Queen Victoria. It is now run by English Heritage an organisation that helps to restore and display features from the past so we can make History more fun.P1050051

P1050049 P1050051

It is a very big house with lots of beautiful flower beds with many pretty coloured plants. P1050052If you look out over another wall you can see the rolling hillside.

Around another corner we found a water feature and a large statue which I thought would give me a good view

P1050055 P1050056

Then we took a walk around the estate to find out what else we could see. The information was very well laid out as you can see.

P1050043 P1050036


Would I pass as a statue in my waterproof protection?P1050047
As we travelled on we discovered a Bathing Machine that Queen Victoria used when she wanted to go in the sea for a swim
P1050040 P1050037

There was so much to do here it is well worth a visit when on the Isle of Wight.. Time now to head home as there is another busy day tomorrow.


Today we have an important appointment at Godshill Model Village as we had to see some important people.


This made us late on Scout paradeP1050073
Now it was time to do my good turn so I got a paint brush and helped with some painting and decoratingP1050075

I did have a look around to ensure I knew what I was doing and managed to find a railway and an aerodrome





Then we found a good shop, but it was not open for little wolf cubs so we went and found the coffee shop where we had a snack. I liked the Angel cake best.P1050091 P1050092
Now for a change of scenery a chance to go to the beach as all holidays require. I had even packed my bucket and spade. Ventnor has lots of lovely sand an ideal place near St Catherine’s lighthouse. Where else would be better to build a sand castle.P1050099 P1050095
I think it would definitely be good enough for any Cub Scout Competition, but they may not allow me to win as I did have some help from some older Scouts,
So that was another day of fun and adventure.
My exploring is coming along well with all this help for my little paws in Ann’s Bag.



We had another good nights sleep and were ready for the off to www.theneedles.co.uk on the west side of the Island. A very famous part of the island which shows a good example of how the sea has eroded softer sections of the rocks. The other feature which is very famous is all the different coloured sands and the Chairlift.


P1050108 P1050106 P1050109 P1050104 P1050105





It is quite a long walk down to the bottom, but thought the return to the top would be better on the chairlift as we did not want to tire our legs too early in the day

P1050100 P1050101 P1050102

The next task of the chair lift was achieved with Ann very kindly accompanying me. Then Philip and Ralph following on when we had proved all was OK. The scenery were incredible and I was allowed to peep over the edge to have a better view, but I was held very tightly.P1050124 P1050114


We waited at the top while the next journey was made

P1050128 P1050126 P1050122


The lift goes up over the coloured sands and over the trees, It was very exciting, but soon all our feet were back on firm ground. I did receive a wonderful medal on a ribbon





Situated at the top after the chair lift we found the  Marconi Monument which marks the site of the wireless telegraphy Station where Guglielmo Marconi and his British collaborators carried out experiments during the early days of wireless communication. The first radio message was sent to a Tug Boat in Alum Bay.








P1050141We then discovered a bus which would take us out to the along the top of the Needles to The Battery.P1050153

P1050150 P1050145

This gave us a clear view of The English Channel which was an excellent look out for the Island.

P1050152I found a very good  picture of what it would have been like if a stranger ship was spied.

We then returned to the car and drove back to Shanklin for a rest and our meal


Our last day had arrived and we decided to drive across the Island to  www.calbournewatermill.co.uk This is the only working watermill on the Island and is about 1000 years old as there is evidence in the Doomsday book of its exsistence.

We had a look round first and found an old wagon full of hay

P1050156Then I found a piece of black pipe which was from a special fuel pipe line that went under the ocean (PLUTO) which carried petrol from Shanklin to France about the time of the D Day landing in World War Two. I also found foam dispensing fire engine along side an old fire engine for the mill. P1050157 P1050160 P1050161

It was good fun because I could see all over it while we were waiting for the 3pm tour of the mill.

P1050168Look how big the wheel is that turns the water to power the grinding plates to mill the flour.

The Millar let me get up close to the ground flour which had not been bleached as white flour has. He then held me so I could see the freshly ground flour going into the sack.

P1050173 P1050174 P1050159

These scales show I have not put on any weight while I was on holiday.


The grounds are beautiful, theyP1050170 P1050169 have birds and peacocks to enjoy while drinking a refreshing cup of tea.

It was now time to finish our holiday on the Isle of Wight and make our way home.

Thanks to all the various locations mentioned above who were so welcoming to a small wolf cub and Thank you to Philip, Ann and Ralph for a wonderful week.

Do look out for all my adventures this year Australia, Hungary and the World Scout Jamboree in Japan

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