-Hong Kong 2017

My Next Adventure

I was packing for my latest adventure, but the luggage allowance would not let me take my friend panda to see his relations.

I was going for six weeks, so need to think of everything. I took my friend Jill’s advice and got an umbrella. I think a book for the long flights, slippers, clothes and some money was also needed.

Susan & Nick were letting me come on their holiday to Hong Kong, Australia and Dubai. My sunglasses were on to protect my eyes. Off we went to Gatwick Airport.

The Airline

The Emirates A320-800 Airbus has two decks and take up to 615 passengers. We flew to Dubai International Airport where we transferred for the onward flight to Hong Kong, by another Emirates Airbus.


Hong Kong Airport

The flights took about seven hours each, but we were soon through customs and passport control, waiting for the transport to Eaton Hotel Hong Kong


After a good sleep and breakfast we were ready for the day.

Wow the temperature was 34, but the humidity was 84̊, so as we left the hotel we were met by a an outdoor sauna.

Ngong Ping Village

We were heading for the train station to pick up our Octopus Card (Cashless card like our oyster card).

We studied the map and decided we need to navigate our way to Tung Chung Station to get the cable car that takes you to Ngong Ping village to see Tian Tan The Giant Buddha. It took about 25 minutes in the cabin across the water and up into the mountains to get your first sightings of The Giant Buddha.

Tian Tan

The figure was shrouded in the mist when we arrived. Dismounting from the cable car we stepped into a beautiful village with a lovely tearoom and Asian buildings.

When we turned the corner at the end of the street there was The Giant Buddha with the Po Lin Monastery on the lower area.

What an interesting place and giant cattle roaming in the streets too. I was a bit scared of getting too close to them. Then we went back to the cable car for the return journey.

Victoria Park

A visit to Victoria Park for a trip to The Peak was next on the agenda by the funicular tram meaning cliff railway. (It is a type of cable railway; a cable attached to a pair of tram-like vehicles on rails moves them up and down a steep slope, the ascending and descending vehicles counterbalancing each other).

There was a Tai Chi session being demonstrated, we observed the turtles and saw some wonderful water features on our way. A bride coming out of a water mushroom!

The view at the top of the ride was amazing. The Sky Terrace gave a wonderful 360̊ view of  all of Hong Kong.

Water Front





Soon it was time to return to lower levels and a walk along the water front. We were heading for the Star ferry across the harbour. It was not a sunny trip, although hot, but a nice Mango ice cream drink was appreciated.

Baden Powell House

It was time for tea, so our next stop was to find a special Scouting place, BP House Hotel.

The outside of the building, the inside and the lift floor of the Hotel.

I liked the cake, but I really enjoyed seeing the Cubs in their uniform and gave them a Sutton badge.




Tram Rides

We went for trips on various trams in Hong Kong. This wonderful pioneering project in bamboo, was scaffolding. Then all too soon it was time to head for the airport for the next stage of our holiday.

AUSTRALIA here we come. A two hour delay for the adverse weather conditions, caused by a Cyclone that had passed near by in the South China Sea, before we were on our way.

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