Cub’s World Cup Nights Away

I am  invited to join 1st Cheam Cub Packs on their Nights Away weekend whose Theme this time was 2014 World Cup Teams so lots of football and interesting facts about the teams that have qualified this year.

FootballBrazil, Japan, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Greece and many more.

I had to help sign them in as we also had ten Beavers joining us for the afternoon

Signing In

So after a game about facts of the teams we started to either design a Brazilian mask or discover some information about Helen Keller and Louie Braille.

DSC05428 smWe were then able to use a Brailling machine to put our names on the certificates

Decorating 1

Some beautiful decorating of their masks Decorating 2


Masks more





The four teams Tabor Tigers, Lumley Lions, Brocks Braves and Farmer Flyers then took part in a small round robin crab football match.crab football

Then continuing our investigation of Disability the children all put on blind folds and discovered how hard it is to hear the ball with bells when it was rolled from the centre of the circle.


The four teams then took part in Finger puppet football, blow football, target shooting and Goal saving

Target shoot Goal keeping





We had some tea and then the Beavers went home. The Cubs were going on a hike to various bases representing teams that had qualified for the World Cup, Russia, Japan, Greece, Holland and Mexico. Our team Leaders were following a map to get them to the correct place as part of their Outdoor Plus Challenge Badge.Map

At each stop they undertook activities appropriate to the Country. Faberge Eggs, Mexican Eyes, Origami, Greek Gods and rescuing the stolen Hybrid Dutch bulbs.

OrigamiFaberge Dutch Bulbs obstacle Course






On return to HQ  we had supper and sang some campfire songs before we went to bed. Most Cubs were asleep very quickly having completed their hike around Cheam.

Sunday Morning saw them up early ready for their trip to our site on Boxhill.Tent pitching, a Wide Game, Pizzas in cardboard boxes for lunch, then prepared for a hike over Headley Heath.



On our return to Kings Oak we collected firewood to build a fire to cook their Pasta Bolognaise.

DSC05476 sm


We had  a roaring campfire before climbing back into the Mini buses and returning to Cheam for Supper and bed. The Cubs were all asleep by 9-40 so I climbed into my sleeping bag and was roused from my slumbers by the wonderful smell of pancakes and cornflakes for breakfast .

DSC05495 DSC05497


When all the kit was packed away we went to the park for a football Managers Wide Game organised by Rama.

Cheese Tasting 2014-05-05 10.41.59

The final activity was World Cheeses. I did not know there was so many different types of cheese Hard cheddar, soft Brie, Rubbery Feta and mozzarella, Blue cheese which I was not too fond of as it smelt and was a very strong taste.

A final game of bell ball and then it was time to collect our kit and crafts say our goodbyes and thanks before departing for home.


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