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The initial Powwow for the Sutton Contingent going to Cubjam 2016 was held on Saturday 3rd October 2015.

The children were all introduced to the Leadership Team of Squaw Run – Ning- Khaos, Squaw Purple Otter, Chief Yellow Eagle, Red Coyote, Blue Wolf, Black Bear, Golden Bison, Purple Otter, Prairie Dog, Striped Ferret and Grey Badger while their Parents listened to the introduction

Each Leader having received their Neckerchief and woggles then presented their tribe with the Neckerchiefscarves devised  specially for this adventure.

Then the parents left the Teepee & the afternoon continued with a variety of activities including ironing their own motif onto their T shirts, Make a Dream Catcher, learn some information about Native American Indians, make a woggle and made a drum for the parade at Cubjam.

The next four months included several opportunities for fund raising at Sutton United Football Club, Asda, Morrisons Sutton and Mark and Spencers Tolworth.

The Next full meeting at the Suntot Teepee was in March for the sleepover

IMG_7320 IMG_7326

Checking to ensure payments had been completed, shooting permission forms and offers of help registered

There would be many jobs to be completed before we departed across the plains to The Wild West of Gilwell Park. Squaws Purple Otter and Run-Ning- Khaos met at least once a week to prepare menus, diaries, complete shopping lists etc

20160320_095233 Totem Poles Costume design IMG_7410 IMG_7355 IMG_7347

Lots of activities had been planned as we needed to make Totem poles, Costumes, Headdresses, Banner and tribe flags as well as undertake a Eagle Egg Hunt.


windchimes IMG_7402 IMG_7398 IMG_7353 IMG_7338 20160320_134100

The windchimes were a great success and meeting our very Large OTE Mascot was enjoyed by all the children. The meeting together prior to our week away was very valuable as so many of the children did not know each other or all the Leaders. We also had to establish the Code of Conduct we expect from our contingent.


Each child received some badges for Swapping. Our contingent badge was likely to be very popular again, as it was quite distinctive and clean looking.IMG_7424 - Copy We completed the activities with an indoor campfire to learn some new songs. We are the Red Men and Land of The Silver Birch

Finally May arrived and I set off with the advance crew on Friday 27th with a heavily laden vehicle and several full cars too with our initial food order before our site delivery arrived on Saturday.

20160527_113659 20160527_091318 20160527_092546

We were able to get on site at 6pm and so it was necessary for some extra help to come over on the Saturday morning to enable 2 party tents, a garage tent, seven children sleeping tents, two family tents and three other leaders tent.

P1010258 P1010265 P1010267

The lorry had trek carts, tents and lots of buckets and bowls

Alex asleep


Our Explorer decided to spend the week in a Hammock, so he needed to put that up too. It did not look very comfortable to me, so I slept in a Leader’s tent on a chair.

P1010263 P1010261 P1010262


The store tent and mess tent had to be arranged ready for the arrival of the six tribes of children. the coach had left. IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8055 IMG_8057 IMG_8059





The bags were loaded thanks for all the help by Mum’s using the bags advised and the Dads helping with traffic monitoring and every one arriving on time. Then it was time for the off

DSC_0121 DSC_0119 DSC_0109

All the Cubs and three of our young trainee Beavers too. John, Mark and Alice.

The coach arrived at Gilwell and the children were greeted by the set up crew and the day bags and children were walked to Tombstone Sub Camp. P1010270 P1010269 P1010277The  full kits were transported by Cubjam staff. Once unloaded it was then time to prepare the children’s sleeping tents so they could explore the site. Lots to discover, but the toilets were probably importantly the first port of call.

20160528_054915 20160528_055633 20160528_054921

The Wild West was our home for the next week. Campsites were going up all around our sub camp

20160528_132814 P1010318 P1010345

Teepees, Bell Tents, Frame Tents, and party tents and Cowboys and native American imagery could be seen everywhere. On returning to our site we had dinner and then prepared for the opening ceremony which was at the stage on Branchett Fields.

P1010291 Flag Bearer P1010293

49 48 IMG_0132





The opening ceremony was completed and the tribesmen wearily made their way back to site for Cocoa and biscuits, before settling down for the night.

On waking the next morning nobody knew Bear Grylls was coming or that we would be recording an interview for ITV London.

BG 2

20160529_100336 20160529_101657 BG

I do not think that they even had a clue as to the activities they were going to experience over the coming week.

So many different activities provided by Gilwell Park and more special events like Colonel Custard the Magician


On a quiet Tuesday evening we invited Steve Judge a Scouting media personality to visit and talk to the Cubs. A near fatal car crash some years ago gave Steve some serious questions in his life and he readily discusses his fight to regain health. The Cubs and Leaders were fascinated and enthralled by his story.

Through pain and determination he trained and competed as a para triathlete. He eventually won the Gold medal. All his inspiration he maintained came from his original three badges as a Cub many years previously, running, swimming and cycling. His theory is “Never make excuses Just be the Best you can be”.

Steve Judge Steve Judge 2


His 20 minutes talk was stretched by the Cubs into 45 mins as we presented him with our Cubjam Scarf and he gave the winning quiz team their prize. Thanks to Steve Judge.

18 P1010362 20160531_200733

A very thought provoking evening for Cubs and Leaders.


The days outing was to Whipsnade Zoo part of ZSL who are supporting Cubs  centenary celebrations across the Country. The children were all up, dressed breakfasted with their packed lunch by 8-30 ready to go down to the coaches

IMG_0354 IMG_0353 IMG_0362





The weather was not great, but the children seemed to have  a good time.

I think most of the Cubs and some of the Leaders slept on the way back, but were all awake ready for their secret parcels before dinner

Secret parcels 1 IMG_0476 IMG_0470





Thursday was Carnival Day and many special visitors were attending.

Andrew Thorp from The Media team joined us for our cauliflower Cheese lunch. as we were having our centenary picnic after the parade.

So we spent the morning preparing for the special afternoon of FUN.

IMG_0494 IMG_0514

P1010374Costumes to put on, Headdresses to be fixed in place and lots of shaking of their special native rattles


The  parade was to be outside Gilwell House led by a Samba band.

8 IMG_0507 DSC_0987 P1010385 P1010393 5








P1010392 P1010390 P1010378





Then our Cubs 100 ambassador Steve Backshall appeared in amongst us and signed endless scarves and programmes.

P1010395 P1010396 P1010398

The whole three sub camps then followed the band to the stage to prepare for the entertainment.

We are also joined by Wayne Bulpitt our Chief Commissioner and Matt Hyde the CEO of Scouting. DSC_0047 20160602_154447 Steve and Waynejpg