Cub Scout Mile Stones

The list is taken from The Scout Association’s own Fact Sheet No FS145004 “Milestones of Cub Scouting” which can be downloaded from here.

Thanks to our Founder Lord Robert Baden Powell of GilwellBP pic



1914 Experimental junior section scheme starts.
1916 Wolf Cub section starts. ‘Wolf Cub’s handbook’ published; Wolf Cub Magazine published.Wolf Cub Handbook
1917 Census figures: 1,338 Packs, 29,857 Cubs.
1918 1st Wolf Cub Leaders Conference.
1919 Wolf Cub Magazine closes.
1920 2,000 Cubs take part in first World Scout Jamboree at Olympia.
1921 1st Cubmasters Wood Badge Course.
Cubs now in Canada, Hong Kong, Palestine, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
1922 20,000 Cubs attend rally for the Prince of Wales; Rudyard Kipling present.Wolf Cub Jungle Book
1923 Cubs census figures top 100,000 for first time 104,463 compared with 85,154.
1926 Wolf Cub ‘Palaver’ in City of London
1929 Special rally for Cubs at the 3rd World Scout Jamboree at Arrowe Park Birkenhead.
1930 8th edition of ‘Wolf Cub’s handbook’ published.
1931 Training programme revised.
1935 1st Wolf Cubs Annual.
1936 Conference of Cub workers, Belfast
1938 Revision of Cub programme.Wolf Cub Badge
1947 Leaping Wolf badge now awarded to Cub who has gained 2nd star and two special proficiency badges.Cubs wartime
1949 Bob-a-Job starts.
1956 Wolf Cubs’ 40th anniversary. Hardy Amies designs new female leaders uniform.
1957 Cub open day at World Scout Jamboree, Sutton Park; 1,000 take part in ‘Circus’ pageant.
1963 Age of transfer to Scouts lowered from 11 to 10.
1964 Cub day at Gilwell attracts 22,500 Cubs.
1966 Wolf Cubs Golden Jubilee Year; Wolf Cub name changed to Cub Scouts – new uniform and programme introduced.
1968 Prince Andrew joins Cubs.
1973 Cub Scout Adventure week, Butlins, Minehead.
1974 World Conservation badge introduced.
1975 Trials of modified Cub programme to allow more choice.
1976 Cub Scout Diamond Jubilee Year – Cub Diamond Jubilee BadgeLink to Adventure; Cub Adventure Days, Gilwell; sausage sizzles.

1977 Developed Arrow Scheme launched.Wolf Cub arrow Badges

1980 Cubs proficiency badge scheme reviewed and new badges introduced.
1981 ‘Bring a friend days’ introduced at Gilwell; Sleep a night challenge.
1982 250,000 Cubs take part in National Cub Scout Tea Making fortnight.
1984 280,843 Cubs in the U.K.
1985 New Cub Scout handbook published.
1986 Cub Scouts’ 70th anniversary ‘Rainbow Year’.
1987 Review of Arrow scheme initiated.
1991 New Cub Scout training programme; Wolf Cub Adventure Awards75th anniversary of Cubs; girls allowed to join.Wolf Cub Girl
1993 Cub Law revised to take female membership into account.
1994 Road safety proficiency badge launched.
1996 Cubs Scouts’ 80th anniversary year.
1997 Cubs continued to celebrate their 80th birthday this year with events round the country.
1998 Buddy Badge available nationally. Wizzy’s Water world activity kit launched with the Waterwise Badge.
2001 New uniform introduced for all sections including Cub Scouts.
2002 Queen’s Golden Jubilee – New programme with new badges and new publications.Wolf Cub Challenge awards
2006 90th birthday – reintroduced badges – map reader, astronomer and athletes.
2007 Changes to the programme and new challenge awards introduced. Census increased to 132,853.
2008 New Cub Scout handbook, membership packs, Powerpack. 3 resources books for Leaders.
2015 New Badges and Branding.

2015 challenge badges


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