2015 Costa Daurada

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The Costa Daurada is an area on the coast of Catalonia, Spain,

P1000713Here I am again, this time in North Terminal Gatwick having a breakfast, before boarding a plane to Reus in Spain on the Costa Daurada which about one & half hours from Barcelona. I was staying on the coast of The Mediterrean Sea. It looked very blue, but was not so warm at this time of the year.


So we thought about a coffee before we went for a walk to investigate the area. IMG_6238

It was still warm enough to need suntan lotion. IMG_6213In the hotel they always put a sweet with the drink so I thought it would be rude not to try one.

We went for a walk along the front on the first morning in Salou & IMG_6255IMG_6257found lots of palm trees laden with dates. The palm leaves were not easy to climb up to get a closer look.


IMG_6265IMG_6825The dates were green though when they fell off the tree and only become brown later when they are dried and very tasty.

The view across the bay was worth taking a look at as there were several little pedal craft with a slide on, but I did not get on IMG_6238board.IMG_6262IMG_6261

I did not want to get my fur wet before going on the local bus to Cambrill along the coast passing some souvenir shops and some Spanish apartments and houses.

P1000715 P1000716 P1000718It had several nice open air restaurants for a lovely chicken baguette. Nick ordered a Cappuccino. Look what he received. I thought I should help him. The cream was delicious.IMG_6281

IMG_6296We had a look out over the port and saw a fishing ship come in and some large catamaransIMG_6312 which have two hulls.

Then discovered their statues which were influenzed by their Marine Lifestyle.

I did not smell after all those fishes which were decorated in the style of a famous Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudi who lived from 1852 – 1926. He liked to use very bright colours and his work is still visible over the region.

We took a trip to Montserrat which is a multi peaked hill part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range with a monestry set back in the hill. The coach took us so far the we had to go on a train called The Cremallera which worked is way round the mountain.IMG_6383 IMG_6469 IMG_6450

The views were spectacular, but the train windows stopped us getting really good photos.


That was not the top of Sant Joan though. It required a further trip on a Furnicular railway to get to the top which was very steep.

IMG_6393 IMG_6422 IMG_6418









The views were brilliant and you could see so far as it was a clear day. IMG_6411 IMG_6416 IMG_6410

Then it was time to go back down as the special choristers were singing at 1pm

IMG_6439 IMG_6425Many more people had arrived by this time and it was very crowded in the church. Many spiritual people like to go and touch the Special Black Madonna statue as they believe it will bring them special benefits that they think will make their lives better

IMG_6432 IMG_6436 B Madonna

It was believed to have been carved by St. Luke around 50 AD. the colouration is thought to come from the passage of time and the effect of weathering on the varnish while she was hidden in a cave to protect her from the hands of the Moors who invaded Spain.

We visited several other towns including Tarragona, Reus & Barcelona.

When we went to Barcelona we went for a walk up The Ramblas which is a market street just off the front.The stalls with Flowers and Fruit were a sight to be seen

IMG_6535 IMG_6513 IMG_6533





IMG_6539 IMG_6536 IMG_6538





We saw a man painting in the market using spray paints. IMG_6532 IMG_6514

Unfortunately it would not dry quick enough for me to bring it home for my ADC. We walked back to our coach and the sun setting in the sky was glorious and the statue made a pretty picture against the skyline.

IMG_6560 IMG_6563 IMG_6561






We then went to the Magical Fountains. They played music , changed shapes and colours.

They are certainly worth the wait while all the water fountains get set up.

On our trip to Tarragona which is an old Roman town we found a statue built to commemorate a Castell
















A castell is a human tower built traditionally in festivals throughout Catalonia, Spain.


What a strange but interesting activity, but I was not brave enough to go any higher. I have seen lots of new things again here in Spain, but I had never seen a toy shop that had a door specially for young people. Now I have. IMG_6829

This was in Reus which is like the local large town where we sat in the square for a coffee, but not for long as it was not so warm. IMG_6918


I have also discovered they have funny water hydrants.

P1000777 It was time to board a plane and return to England ready for my next trip which is to Florida in the USA. I hope to meet Micky Mouse and go to the Space Centre. I am such a lucky wolf cub.