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****Caterham F1 donated Shirts signed

by Kamui Kobayashi and Marcus Ericsson ***

K Kobayashi M Ericsson






The sale of the tickets raised £208 towards our CUBARNIVAL 2016 FUND.

The draw was made on Saturday 11th October 2014 at 4th Worcester Park’s Scout HQ by DC Wimbledon and Wandle District Commissioner Joe Rogerson

The Results are:-

Piece of Heikke Kovalainen’s 2010 Chinese F1 Grand Prix Car –  Denis Wallace

Signed Shirt – Ray Ghent

Signed Shirt -Dave Wells

Scalextric Ralley Set – Matthew Hewitt

Lego Stationary Set – Saba Tyson

Rubber band Car1 – Mr Howden

Rubber Band Car 2 – Maria Young

Teddy – Pam Clark

Toy Car 1 – Ben McDavid

Toy Car 2 – T Baker


 SUTTON CUB SCOUTS WISH CATERHAM F1 ALL THE BEST In ABU DHABI and for the future. Thank you for your support.

I was invited by Caterham F1 Team to attend testing sessions and the races this year. This year sees one of the largest changes to the cars and engines, I have had a really interesting time.

Maybe a size smaller

Maybe a size smaller


 Some pictures from the pits at Monza

  • They are not going to run out of tyres

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My Homework Report

Caterham_F1_Car_4Cars will look very different this year with smaller front and back wings with the front wing very much closer to the ground.




The big round pipe below the wing is the EXHAUST PIPE!!!

The back of the car with the exhaust pipe and large side pods

The back of the car will have a BIG single exhaust pipe coming out under the rear wing. This is connected to the turbo used to increase the power and efficiency of the engine. They are going to need it as the engine capacity has been reduced by a third. In the picture, the big round white pipe below the wing in the centre of the car (level with the top of the tyres) is the EXHAUST PIPE!!!

To further help make up for some of the loss of sheer power, some more fancy electronics have been added to the engine to recover wasted heat as electrical power which can be stored for use later in the lap. This is in addition to brake energy recovery system (KERS) used last year.

All this means the cars will be very hot under the engine cover so the side pods are bigger to allow for more cooling and all the extra engine parts.

Another change this year is the gears to be used throughout the season have to be selected before the season starts and used at each race. This will mean cars running at Monaco (a slow speed circuit) will have gears for faster circuits (such as Monza) which they can not use in the race. Previously, the gears to be used were changed to suit each circuit


Caterham 7 in road trim

Caterham 7 in road trim

Our team is Caterham F1. The company is linked with the original Caterham Cars which were built in – you’ve guessed it – Caterham Surrey so we have a great local connection with these cars. They still build versions of their famous Caterham 7 which can be used on the road but is also great for motor sport events.

A racing Caterham 7

A racing Caterham 7







Caterham F1 cars are very easy to pick out as they are green in colour.

In the past all racing cars were painted in their national colour with green being that for the UK, blue for France, red for Italy (which explains why Ferrari’s are still red) and white or silver for Germany (hence the silver arrows name for Mercedes). Advertising on cars has meant that car colours do not reflect a national colour anymore.
So that you can recognise them, here are pictures of our drivers for this year.

Race Drivers

Kamui Kobayashi - race driver

Kamui Kobayashi – race driver

Marcus Ericsson - Race Driver

Marcus Ericsson – Race Driver






Reserve / Test Drivers

Robin Frijns - Test and Reserve Driver

Robin Frijns – Test and Reserve Driver

Alexander Rossi - Reserve Driver

Alexander Rossi – Reserve Driver






Just to prove there was more than just racing cars at Baharain, the team gave me a camel ride.

Camel riding in Baharain with Caterham F1

Camel riding in Bahrain with Caterham F1

Here is the link to The Caterham F1 Team

Bye for now

November 2014

I have now finished my attachment to Caterham F1 team and Thank them for the opportunity of introducing F1 to our Cub Scouts with some interesting pictures and stories. Sutton Cub Scouts wish them all the Best for the future.



Russian F1 Grand Prix – Sochi


Here we are at the first Russian F1 Grand Prix in Sochi where they held the Winter Olympics earlier in the year.

The track is new to all the drivers so we have to be very pleased with our qualification ahead of Maurissa.

Kamui had to retire from the race on the Sunday but Marcus having had a strong start then struggled in the second session on the prime tyres finally finishing in 19th position. I am now quite sad as I have to return to Britain ready for a special holiday in Singapore so must say goodbye to the Caterham F1Team.


Japanese F1 Grand Prix – SazukaJapan Flag


I had a very interesting time at Nagoya Airfield in Japan. (Also known as Komaki Airport).

Helping with labels

Helping with labels

Nagoya Japan 1



Some food oriental style would be appreciated now!

In the shop

In the shop



Now for some specialties “Deep fried battered prawns”

Nagoya Japan 4 Nagoya Japan 5





Qualifying went well on the Saturday for Marcus, but Kamui had less laps because he had a crash on Friday. The engines appeared to running well.

No full report on Sunday’s Grand Prix due to the serious accident of Jules Bianchi. We wish him well.


Singapore F1 Grand Prix – Marina Bay

Singapore_flagWe have travelled half way across the world to Singapore a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

This is a Night Race and it is on the streets, so different  to racing during the Day on a designed circuit. It is also a long race which will challenge the endurance of the drivers.

Qualification was not as good as it could have been, but Kamui finished in 20th and Marcus will start in 22nd position.

The Race day has arrived and the parade of Drivers was appreciated. Prepare for the bright night lights

The race began with Kamui unable to start which was a shame, but Marcus made a steady start. Having taking advantage of the Safety car he made a triumphant exit from the pits and when Sutil could not exit the pits,Marcus was then on for a fight with Bianchi. A good race all round and he finished in position 15.

More work ahead and look forward to the next race in Japan


Italian F1 Grand Prix – Monza

Italian Flag

The next race means all the garages and crews have been transported to Italy and the Monza Circuit. Marcus has though had a birthday, so we wished him Happy Birthday and hope the weekend will be a great success for him. The car has been fitted with updates in Spa which has had some success, because Kamui finished in position 17 ahead of the Marussia. Marcus finished in 19th position, as he had to start from the pit lane following a penelty issued on Saturday Practice, but he says the speed is still not there.


Belgian F1 Grand Prix – Spa-Francorchamps


Belgian Flag

The team returns after the summer break and all meet in Belgium famous for it’s waffles. Practice will commence on Friday 22nd August, so keep watching for more news.

Andre Lotterer will be replacing Kamui Kobayashi this weekend for the race, he will be racing with the number 45 on the car.

Spa is known for its variable weather conditions and this weekend the team has had to struggle with rain and hailstones which made the track very slippery.

Marcus & Andre joined the Staring Grid after a disappointing qualification.

Unfortunately Andre lost power on the second lap and had to retire, but Marcus managed to complete the race, overtaking Max Chilton, who sadly regained the place two laps from the end so finished in 17th position. Onwards and upwards and now for Monza on 7th September


Hungarian F1 grand Prix – Hungaroring Hungarian Flag

The practice sessions started well and we were improving. Track temperatures were still rising and both Kamui and Marcus had the feeling things were good. The weather had changed and rain was likely to be a problem. Marcus unfortunately lost his back end and crashed out of the race in the wall. A medical examination though proves he was OK.

Kamui then had a mechanical problem with the fuel system so was unable to finish the race, but in all aspects it looks better for the second half of the season.


German F1 Grand Prix – Hockenheimring German_Flag

17th July. Thursday Morning. Our Garage is all set up and the drivers have walked the track This afternoon they will be undertaking their media responsibilities.

The need for the Safety Car on Lap 1 allowed Marcus to catch up a little from his start in the pit lanes Tyre changes went according to plan.

Kamui finished in 16th place ahead of Max Chilton and Marcus ended the race in 18th. The best the team could achieve in the circumstances


British F1 Grand Prix – SilverstoneBritish Flag

The Teams have arrived and the pit lane is looking wonderful here.

The first practice session on Friday were driven by Robin Frijns and Marcus Ericsson. Kamui replaced Robin in the second session with sunny dry conditions, but when Saturday morning dawned it was wet. the third practice session was started on wets, but it was very clear we needed Inters. Track conditions were not too bad. In Qualification for the Grand Prix Marcus &Kamui started 21st & 22nd respectively.

On the first lap Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari had a massive crash which was nearly serious trouble for Kamui as he had to take avoiding action. Kimi miraculously was not too seriously injured, but the barriers had to be repaired. The race had to be restarted under the safety car and then Marcus’s car developed suspension failure and had to retire, but Kamui  finished 15th. Well done to Caterham in a very stressful week.

Now for some home testing with our test drivers Will Stevens, Julian Leal and Rio Haryanto .

 Austrian F1 Grand PrixAustrian Flag

Kamui’s start was not the best in this race, and having to swap race plans when it became clear that Bianchi was only stopping once, did not help as the soft tyres had to last for 55 laps. He finished 16th

Marcus had a reasonably good start and kept the soft tyres until lap 28, but his second pit stop was extended by 4 seconds as a Ferrari was in the outside lane of the pits. He finished in 18th position


Canadian F1 Grand Prix 8th June Canadian Flag

Alexander Rossi drove in the first practice session with Marcus Ericsson.

Ericsson and Kamui Kobayashi drove in the second practice session. The overnight work carried out by the team showed some results in Saturday Practice.

Kamui had to drop behind Ericsson on the grid at the start of the Grand Prix, but it was not going to be a good day with Kamui  not finishing with back suspension problems and then Ericsson had to retire because of a pipe connecting to the turbo failing.

The team will keep working hard and look forward to seeing you at the Austrian Grand Prix in two weeks time


Monaco F1 Grand Prix 25th May

Monaco Flag


Initial Practice saw Kamui struggling for pace and only qualifying in 21st position and Marcus having to start from the Pit lane.

The weather was not inspiring being so overcast, but the race was much better for both the drivers. Marcus was going to wear a replica of the late Ronnie Peterson’s helmet. I think he was going to have a good view.


I also got to see Kamui’s helmet P1020832on the shelf.

Graham has given me a great time this weekend as I have managed to sneak a ride on the tail of Kamui’s car.P1020827 P1020828 P1020831

Sat on his bonnet and then had a try of his steering wheel.

 Grand Prix’s pit lanes are amazing and there are many famous faces to be seen, but the noise  has to be heard to be believed. They are so busy.



An unfortunate incident when Bianchi hit Kamui could have affected the race results and we may have got our first points, but  a creditable 11th position to Ericsson and 13th for Kamui made it a much happier ending.

What a weekend and that is without the boats in the harbour or any of the famous people who attended this Grand Prix

Next Race is in Canada so off across the Atlantic for the cars, drivers and all their support staff. see you all at the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit on 8th June.

Spanish F1 Grand Prix 11th May Spanish Flag

Initial practice yesterday provided lots of facts and figures for the team to examine. There was low grip but Kamui completed 38 laps and Marcus 39.

Not such a good race. Kamui had to retire and Marcus finished in 20th position

I have managed to get out while here and have a couple of pictures from Les Arts area in Valencia






Chinese F1 Grand Prix 20th  April

China Flag

The Shanghai track temperature was decidedly cooler than was expected for the first practice session. This with our hard tyres made grip very difficult especially in the braking zones




 Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 6th April

Bahrain flag

Bahrain flag

Bahrain’s flag is two vertical stripes and the white triangles represent the Five Pillars of Islam.

Friday practice has seen Kobyashi, Ericsson and Frijns putting in lots of laps, but seems there is still work to do.

This race is under floodlights so will be a different experience for any new drivers.

Malaysian 30th MarchMalaysian Flag

Heavy Rain for practice saw Lewis Hamilton start in pole position, maintaing it to take the winning trophy for Mercedes with Raikkonen second.

Our two drivers drove well and finished Kamui Kobayashi in 13th and Marcus Ericsson in 14th place.

Australia 16th March Australian Flag

The start of the season and a surprise retirements  from the race by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel .

No success for Caterham F1 Team as both drivers had to stop. Better luck in Sepang

I did get to see the River Yarra though.



River Yarra

River Yarra


It runs for just 242 kilometres from its source near Mt Baw Baw in the National Park – Yarra Ranges to Newport.




It is not very long or deep, but was the main reason for Melbourne being sited where it is.






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