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p1020806On this trip I am visiting 23rd Elsie Roy Cub Pack to talk about our British Flag, so I thought I would have a practice. A Union Cube, a movable cube and some flags. I have to describe St George, St Andrew and St Patrick’s flags and then tell them about the correct way to fly the flag. The broad white stripe is to the top on the flagpole side of the flag.

Now to pack and get to the airport Heathrow this time via the X26 bus from Cheam.

Tickets check

Tickets check

My X26 Bus ride

My X26 Bus ride

Baggage booked in

Baggage booked in







Arrived in this Canadian City late at night, so started our adventure with a breakfastp1020819 mp1020821ango & coconut muffin, which I share with Nick and Susan as it was so big. The lemonade was very refreshing. We then took a leisurely stroll around Vancouver city before picking up a bus out to Stanley Park where we went on a horse drawn carriage trip.

Now for my special visit in David Lam Park to meet Kimberley, Nathan and some Cubs. It was very good to be able to explain The British Flag and how to fly the Flag.

img_9525img_9522 img_9527





img_9499 img_9520 img_9503





Here are some more pictures from Vancouver.

If you want to know more about Terry Fox and his achievements Details for Terry Fox .

It was now time to board The Rocky Mountaineer for Banff and 2 days of some stunning scenery and wonderful food throughout.

img_9665 p1020887 p1020883







We travelled several hundred miles and crossed a time zone, but our cases had already been transported to our hotel in Banff and the coach met the train, so we were soon at Caribou Lodge our home for the next few days.img_1862 p1030195img_1877





p1030105 p1030103 p1030192

img_1212p1030114Our explorations of the town started the following morning. Travel on the free buses made getting about easy and so first stop was the town. Look at their magnificent washrooms and carved stone outside The First Nations Museum.

The impressive artwork continued when I found this set up. img_1208A campfire and some spare boots.img_1210

The weather was stunning showing the beauty of Banff National Park with all it’s trees and mountains.

img_1226 img_1219 img_1220

The colours of the trees were beautiful & everything looked so clean and fresh. The cars & Vehicles are different out in Canada because they do have severe weather conditions. They need to be able to deal with heavy winter conditions, so many are 4×4. In January it can get as cold as -15 C on average, but it does provide great winter sports facilities.


img_1114 img_1420

It would not be reasonable to come to the area and not visit Sulpher Mountain with it’s 8 minutes Gondola ride to the top, where there is a 360 degree viewing platform.

p1030117img_1297 img_1350




Then you can go even higher to the weather station that has been visited by Norman Sanson over 1000 times by 1931.

img_1305 img_1349 img_1380








We took a wonderful stroll along from The Bow Falls at Banff Spring Hotel to the town and examined some Fir trees & pine cones.

p1030130 p1030137 p1030132






img_1550It was now time to join our Sundog tour to Jasper via Lake Louise, Athabasca Falls & the Columbia Icefields.  A smaller vehicle than the direct transfer coach, so it was able to pull into less populated viewing points along the trip for some wonderful scenery. The tour guide was also able to give us lots of interesting facts about the two National Parks, forestry and glacial progression. img_1583

No forest should ever only have one type of tree. The forests commonly consist of pine, Douglas fir, white spruce, larch and aspens. The different varieties have very unique jobs in the life of the Forest. Some are resistant to fire so stand strong when the fires control the lower shrub growth, while others can ooze sticky resin that stops the pine beetle killing off trees. Planting three of the same fir trees for one cut down does not improve it, but actually weakens the Forest. They are all close together and if one tree gets infected all the same trees in close proximity become infected too. A mixture as nature intended allows the different types to grow strong and beautiful.

We visited Lake Louise which has a chateau hotel. The reflection in the lakes were incredible. p1030179img_1850 img_1556

There were various stops along the highway to see more beautiful waterfalls, lakes, glaciers.p1030163 p1030166 img_1642

At one point I had to put my woolly hat on as the temperature dropped. The area around the Columbia Icefield clearly show the retreat of the glacier over the years as there are great strips of moraine, which is the debris left behind when the glacier moves back as the weather gets warmer.

Jasper is a small town where there will never be more than 5000 people are allowed to live so as to not spoil the National Park. We found some trains and then the tracks for freight haulage and we counted 152 wagons with three engines. The barriers stayed down on the level crossing for 15 minutes as trains crossed in both directions.

A child size train

A child size train

A static Engine

A static Engine

152 Wagons

152 Wagons






img_1743 img_1739 img_1727

Some of the buildings in Jasper. All beautifully decorated with flowers. img_1715 img_1615 img_1612

I had seen some animals on this trip.

The only one to move though was the bird.

img_1605 img_1755


The sculpture of a moose was located outside a hotel of the same name. The furry moose was outside a supermarket. The carved wooden bear were the supports for a seat at a viewing point.


Our final stop was via coach transfer from Banff. was Calgary We were now 970 km from Vancouver, img_2029 img_2038had crossed a time zone and were in the state of Alberta. p1030239The River Bow met the river Elbow near the Famous Fort Calgary of The Royal Canadian p1030237Mounted Police. The history of the development of Canada was interestingly laid out for the Tourists to understand.

I also made two new friends a Moose and Benny the Beaver in traditional Canadian Mounted Policeman uniform. I also found lots of different hats to try on. My favourite hobby over the last three years. I have lost count of all the different items of head wear I have tried.








The walk back along the river into the town was so peaceful.

img_2040 img_2041 img_2043





img_1887Calgary is a very different city as all it’s shops are located on a skywalk above the street which joins all the tall buildings together so that in the winter you do not have to go outside to get to the next shop. The streets are all set out like a grid with Avenues running an East – West direction while Streets run North to South.


img_1889 img_1985The transit system includes a free tram in the main centre, but was quick and easy. The bus service was also easy to access. The built up area has many squares and plazas that were a sight for sore eyes with beautiful sculpturesimg_1897 img_1896


img_1902 img_1910 img_1903

Two bears, but again they were quite tame.


img_1884 img_1905

From First Nation Chief to metal horses made from scrapped metal objects and stone and bronze sculptures of Parents having fun with their children. The most exciting though was the intricate carved metal horses to represent their free running across the plains of the country.

img_1952 img_1971 img_1973

img_2105 img_1968 p1030198

They were produced by a Canadian sculptor Joe Fafard and unveiled in Calgary, to compliment the twin sculpture in Quebec which was celebrating it’s 400th Anniversary September 2010. They are located in Harley Hotchkiss Gardens.

My final memories of Canada is the trucks and lorries that I saw

img_2051 img_1992 img_2048 img_1995 img_1988 img_2082
p1030217 p1030218







and the lovely Calgarian Policewomen and her car.

Thank you for a fantastic introduction to the West Coast of Canada and some wonderful photographs taken by Nick.