February 2016

Finally the 100 years of Cubs has arrived.

As promised three years ago I am trying to see that all Sutton Cubs are having a great time so have been visiting lots of Packs See the Adventure Page. I do have a few trips planned Arctic Circle, Mexico, Cheshire and maybe Brazil.

Yellow background Cubarnival


Following S ImageThis site is all about the 2016 CUBARNIVAL mascot for Sutton District Scouts from the County of Greater London South West. Snaggles has his own passport so that he can travel all over the world and wants to get as many countries in it as possible. He loves meeting people from other countries and finding out all about their customs – especially if someone photographs him with them so that he can add the pictures to this site for all to see.

Snaggles loves his fellow travellers keeping a diary of his travels so that everyone can know about all the people he is meeting (he is just too busy to write a travel log himself). When he returns home, we will upload his latest travel details for him (he needs his rest before he is off on another trip).

Snaggles here ( I heard my ADC was writing about me and wanted to get involved…) I  thought I would give you all a little bit more information:

CUBARNIVAL 2016 is Sutton Cub Scout’s Extravaganza to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting.

It will be a Camp containing a mixture of old style Cub tests, modern programmes, an Olympic festival and a jubilee celebration. An experience no Cub will want to miss.

I have been commissioned on my travels to discover new crafts, games, food and activities that will enhance the fun planned for our special event. I cannot wait. 🙂

On my blog, I will include snippets of information, pictures and other items of interest, as over the next two years Sutton Cubs are trying to raise as much money as possible for our Extravaganza. This is to make sure every Cub has the chance to attend this amazing event.

The first Fund Raising Event planned by my ADC took place this year where the Cubs and Beavers took part in various Snaggles (ME!!) Themed events.Snaggles_leaf_Collar

The Cubs were sponsored to complete 30 Snaggles bases in 100 minutes. This launched a summer long Snaggles Hunt (ME AGAIN!) across the borough of Sutton. My ADC is always on the lookout for Sponsors, donations and prizes so if you can support our Cub’s efforts please contact my ADC.

Now I must depart for my travels, see you all over the coming two years!

Note from my ADC (Cubs).

In 2016, Snaggles actual travelling will have to stop as he will need to supervise all the Sutton Cubs enjoying themselves at the events planned for CUBARNIVAL.

We hope that that this site will be interesting to not only our own Cubs but will be inspirational to Cubs from other areas.


3 Responses to About

  1. Cheryl says:

    Greetings! It was a treat to meet Snaggles yesterday. I look forward to following his progress.

  2. Cheryl says:

    How is Snaggles coping with floods? Are there floods where he is? Does he have wellington boots and/or an umbrella? Can he swim and row a boat?
    Lots of greetings to Snaggles!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Good wishes to Snaggles, especially for the Easter visit to Switzerland. Frohe Ostern Snaggles! A visit to the rabbit museum in the Bernese Oberland is recommended!

    Viel SpaB!


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