23rd World Scout Jamboree


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2015-07-23 17.20.21The time has finally arrived to go to Japan and my adventures 2015-07-24 23.19.01-2with Libby are about to begin. We had to pack the special luggage. We all met up on Friday 24th July, but I found the Explorers more excitable than Cubs are and I am not sure if they had much sleep.2015-07-24 23.18.30

2015-07-25 08.38.54


Ace breakfast







Our rucksacks were packed and after a good breakfast we boarded the coach to the airport.





2015-07-25 10.18.33 2015-07-25 12.37.54The flight was very long and we spent a total of 32hrs travelling as our flight went to Singapore and then to Osaka International Airport.
Japan Airport

What a sight at the Airport in Japan to greet the world.

When I arrived I met my host family and they showed me around their house, however as we had been on the plane for so long we were very  tired and went to bed straight away. Japan had really tried to tell the world about Scouting.


We woke very early in the morning and had an amazing Japanese breakfast that2015-07-26 17.21.24 included Onion soup and traditional Japanese Tea. Then we met up with a Venture Scout group in Osaka who were all very nice and polite. Here we played games and found out about Japanese culture and scouting. In the afternoon we had sparklers and had a huge dinner which included tofu, chicken cooked in many ways and an omelette burger.


Today we left the Home Hospitality (HoHo) after a closing ceremony where we gave out badges and other mementos from the UK. We then had a six hour coach journey, however it was air conditioned. We stopped at two Japanese service stations. This were different to the UK as the food they sold was really nice.2015-07-29 13.44.37 As we arrived at the Jamboree site we saw many other Uk units before walking to our site which took us ages to find, however, once we were there we put our tents up pretty quickly and we all fell straight to sleep.

opening ceremony walk



On our first day at the Jamboree we had to rearrange our site to fit in the dining shelters. Once we had done that we went to meet Scouts from different countries and start swapping badges. The opening ceremony was held in the evening – this was great fun and we saw the thousands of scouts that were there.


CLMVZmlWUAEOoSfOur first jamboree activity was Global Development Village. Here we got to learn about disasters around the world and prevention. This was really fun and educational as we got to see about problems other people face across the world. On the Jamboree itself there was a stage and as a unit we performed our version of Frozen’s ‘Let it go’.


Today we went to Hiroshima. This was the site where the Atomic bomb was dropped at the end of World War 2 by the United States on Japan. We were shown a very moving video in the coach as it showed the devastating effects of the Bomb on the people and buildings. 2015-07-31 (20)HiroshimaxWe walked around the grounds of Hiroshima and saw monuments such as the Peace bell and the Dome of the last remaining building left after the explosion.  This was a very emotional day.UK Folded Cranes

Many of the units had made origami peace cranes and a beautiful display was sent home via Twitter and Facebook.


Today we were supposed to do a 22km hike for our nature programme. However as it was so hot the event was cancelled. Instead we had a free day and I did lots of swapping of badges with people from other countries and regions that were at the Jamboree.


In the morning we visited the Jamboree scout shop – here we spent lots of money!  The afternoon was Cultural Exchange day where we tried food from many different countries that were at the jamboree. Our Eggy Bread went down very well. In the evening we went to the arena show where there were loads of exciting guests and also a Red Bull plane flyover.


2015-08-03 (6)In the morning we did all our washing by hand as after a week in Japan all our clothes were rather smelly and sweaty. In the afternoon we went to another Cultural event where we experienced other cultures for instance we made bracelets, played Japanese drums and Dressed up in Taiwan clothing. For dinner we went to ‘Sweden’ where we made some new friends.


Science Activity. Here we went to bases on mining, batteries, pin hole cameras and solar powered cars. This was really interesting learning about the advances we can make in the world. In the evening we had dinner with an Australian group along with some Brazilians and Japanese scouts.

Yamaguchi school2015-08-05 (9)Today we got up really early for Community Day. First of all we went to Mine (pronounced meen-ay) city and saw demonstrations on Karate and Drumming.

Hagi Bamboo making

Hagi Visit

We then went to the local Elementary school where we met some of the Students and made origami with them. We then went to a huge underground cave – it was very beautiful. This was a really interesting day as we got to see real Japanese culture.


2015-08-06 (1)The water activity was when we went to the beach.

The sea was lovely and warm and we played games such as capture the flag and volleyball.

We then laid around in the sun.



This was our last full day at the jamboree so we have to take our tents down and pack up ready for our kit to go to Tokyo.2015-08-31 19.54.08Allsort 2 Toyko

We did some more swapping – my friend Libby got a Mexican shirt. After the closing ceremony we slept under the stars which was great.

Some pictures from the closing ceremony that was streamed live to the UK. closing ceremony 2 closing Ceremony 1 closing ceremony

The pictures were incredible.

So many happy faces, because even though it was very hot all the members wonderful experiences they could take home and sharewhat they had undertaken as part of the World Scout Jamboree and the sky was beautiful tooHelping a friendClose sunset


We packed up the rest of our kit and we headed to the coaches that would take us to the station. We caught the Bullet train which was really cool especially as it had Air Conditioning!  J Thompson one of our deputy Youth Commissioners was helping with the enormous job of getting all the contingent members onto the trainIMG_3577 J Thompson Train

We arrived at the youth hostel which was very nice – we also had some ‘proper’ food – a burger.



We woke up early to sightsee around Tokyo. IMG_3644

First we went to the Skytree which was huge.


We then went to the Earthquake simulator which was a bit scary but also quite funny. Finally we went to Joyopolis which is a massive indoor theme park and arcade – this was really fun.


We managed to get a bit of a lie in today. However, it was cut short as we visited the market. This was really authentic Japanese and interesting. We then went to the shopping centre where Libby bought lots of presents for her family.2015-08-10 (71) In the evening we went to Tokyo Live and walked around the electric city and saw the world’s busiest crossing.



11863340_10153989654987119_2616468306879706534_n (1) Contingent Leader

Before going to the airport we returned to the market to spend even more money. We then started our 24hrs of travelling back to London.

Thank you

to Libby, the Ace Unit members and Leaders who gave me an opportunity to visit Japan and a World Scout Jamboree. I am sure every member will never forget this experience.

Any Cub reading this may be inspired to join the Sutton Contingent going to Cubjam 2016. I am sure it will not be so hot and there will not be as many different nations, but it will be a good introduction to the fun of meeting other members of The Scout Family.