2016 Kenyan Experience

SnagglesI know I said I was cutting back on my travels, but with just a few weeks until Cubarnival I could not miss an opportunity to go on a Kenyan adventure with my friend Yvonne.

Nairobi Stop

Nairobi Stop

We flew from Heathrow to Doha,took a second plane to Nairobi, where we had a short break, before boarding a small plane to fly north to Borana Lodge where we would be staying.P1020015

The view as we flew in was amazing. I had never been in a small plane before and I discovered it was quite different than when I was on a big jet airliner.

The room was beautiful, the bed looked comfy and the view from the window was wonderful.


IMG_2433 IMG_2434

There was much more green vegetation than I was expecting to see, but no animals yet.


What I did find though was a beautiful pool, then it was what we had come for the horses. The saddle was quite comfortable

Horse and MeP1020509

The Guide that accompanied us was  Nicholas who very kindly allowed me to join in the ride. Nicholas


He thought that Yvonne was their lucky charm, because on the first trip out they saw a Leopard. (The first in three years while out on a horse).P1020418

There were so many different animals and we were taught the native names too.

Zebra =   Punda Milia         Grevy Zebras stripes are much closer together and they have  a white tummy with rounder ears. Burchell are the more local to Borana area.

Giraffe = Twiga, Elephant = Ndovu or Tembo,  Horse = Farasi

Me and Masai worrier

I was introduced to a Masai Mara Warrior

Masai Mara Tribe – A Native African Nomadic Tribe.

They live in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania, usually close to the game reserves, so are probably the best known African tribe

The male warriors are famous for their red costume and Headdresses made of ostrich or eagle feathers. The females like to wear extensive earrings and will often sing lullabiesMaasai_house


The Masai Tribes live in an Enkang (an enclosure to protect their tribe and animals from predators) surrounded by prickly thorn bushes. There is usually about 20 Manyattas(Homestead) in an enclosure.