2016 District Centenary Adventures

Cubs 100 2016 has Ended

Sutton Cubs have celebrated the centenary of Cub Scouting throughout the year with a vibrant and exciting programme of activities for our Cub Scouts. This page shows the various Pack’s memories of the year. The major events like CUBJAM CUBARNIVAL have their own page, as so much took place.

Promise Renewals 

To complete our special year all the packs were encouraged to hold a Promise Renewal Ceremony. Some Pack joined together to party and others held sleepovers. Here are a few of the pictures received of a special time. Starting with 11th & 15th Wallington.

8th Cheam held a sleepover before going to the pantomime.


14th Wallington celebrated in their PJ’s before watching the Jungle Book


1st Cheam, 3rd Cheam and 8th Sutton joined together for a Promise Renewal Christmas Party with individual cakes.Old Cub games Staves and Kims, before the feast





9th Cheam had to hit a pinata before the sweets were up for grabs after their Promise renewal.

1st Homefield

Our newest group enjoyed making Hot Air Balloons to end their term and renewed their promise as Alan was invested as a Leader to support the 18 Cubs at the school.

3rd Carshalton Entertain

The pack celebrated their final meeting with some entertainment and the award of three Chief Scout Silver Awards. I was invited along to see the performance. Lots of good singing and special poems. Their Christmas Jumpers were inspirational. Father Christmas was quite happy too.

Congratulations to Thomas, Ava and Sam and good luck in Scouts.

A wonderful group photograph of all the colourful Christmas Jumpers

3rd Cheam Does Jungle Book

The Set is ready. Awaiting our Guests The cast makeup is applied by Gemma. Bradley prepares the lights and sound










Snacks in the interval – Snaggles is never far from the food


s5002707A surprise gift to say “Thank You” to Susan Peek from all at 3rd Cheam.


Cast and Crew (Snaggles could not resist a photo opportunity)

A huge 3rd Cheam ‘BRAVO’ to everyone involved in a great evening, organised and run completely by Young Leaders Bradley and  Libby and their friend Gemma.

Scientist Badgebadge

Saturday saw Sutton District Cubs assemble for their annual Scientist Badge Day at Overton Grange School. 93 badges

img_2180We had our mad scientists present as usual.img_2183 img_2158

There were eight bases in total. Magnetism, flame tests, acid alkali testing, filtration, chromotography, microscopes, circuits and flight

img_2167 img_2166 img_2168 p1030268 img_2175 img_2176 img_2163p1030279

The two favourite bases were The balloon cars and  Midair flight

Annual Cub Scout Challenge Trophy.

Teams from all Packs are invited to take part in eight different bases.

Communication, Compass, Tents, Emergency Aid, Nature, Firelighting, knots and Tracking. Core activities for Cub Scouts. They have to work as a team of 4 to undertake the subject and get marks for teamwork and achievement.

img_0125 img_0045 img_0082

Thanks to Ken Smith for his enthusiasm we did get some smoke and flickers of flame.

img_0054 img_0090 img_0024

Saba & Joe felt they had all made a good effort, but needed to keep reassuring their patients

img_0140 img_0131 img_0129

Knotting, and ropes are still a mystery even if you have just tied a reef knot it would appear from these faces.

img_0121 img_0147 img_0148

Tent Knowledge is improving as more of our Cubs manage to get away under canvas said Matt.

img_0042 img_0111 img_0120

Trees and Leaves. Nature identification. A interesting base for some as we are a town based District was the explanation. Our parks across the area have masses of trees.

The points were all submitted and totalled and the eventual places were

3rd  5th Carshalton (Floyd), 2nd 1st Belmont and  3rd Carshalton Winners

Congratulations to all who took part.

A New Term

September saw the District return to Cub activities and packs like 11th Wallington and 14th Wallington had campscamp-kit .tent-ready tent-time

Lots of interesting activities from rockets to chemical tests,  air rifle shooting & Archery to ballista & gadget making. Plenty of Cub Scouts skills required.
ballistas gadgets chemical-treatment rocket-fuelled rifle-ready-2 archery-time

The most important part of camp is though the food and eating . Therefore there is always making fires and backwoods cooking a must for all Cubs

dough-sticks backwoods-cookingjpg breakfast kitchen-crew washing-up-crew



Breakfast & what follows all food is washing up. They are all eager for this task because it will then be games time.
kubb-1 kubb-3

Kubb is a favourite whatever group you are with.

 Some holiday pictures from America.

Flying to O’Hare Airport Chicago. I love planes.

flying-to-chicago chicago-ohare-airport chicago-ohare-airport-2


I managed to visit a Chicago Cubs Baseball game.

Then it was time to think about Nashville. The County Music Hall

Music from this part of the Country is very famous. A weekly concert is held at The Grand Ole Opry. I joined in too!

singing-live-in-nashville nashville-country-music-hall-of-fame grand-ole-opry-nashvilleI managed to find an interesting car that used to be in a television series in England called The Dukes of Hazzard. A Marine who use to be a Scout. He let me try his hat on for size. I  relaxed in a beautiful chair at Nashville’s airport.


Thank you for some great adventures with Kevin and Clare 5th Carshalton Floyd Pack.


Sutton Cubs Mystery Trip

Six Cubs from across the district joined my ADC (Cubs) and Sam for a exciting adventure in August.  20160803_090913 20160803_090927The instruction told them to meet at Sutton Station at 9-30.

Susan collected a Cub in Cheam before travelling on a bus to Sutton Station where they met up with the other Cubs.20160803_092543

An assortment of young oyster cards and day travel cards in hand, we boarded the train to Victoria. We then transferred to the District line Tube, but found that there were signalling problems, so decided to take the Victoria Tube line instead. It was a long walk 20160803_103524to this platform so they would have liked to sit down, but it was only one stop to Green Park to change to the Piccadilly Line. It was then seven stops to Hammersmith Broadway where we got on a number 9 modern bus to Brook Street. Then we entered a building and our mystery adventure started.

All this for the Autumn Make Do Share Magazine

p1020739 p1020748 p1020757

20160803_125031 P1020746P1020761

We had pizza for lunch and then I bet you cannot guess what the Cubs were doing here or why?

Later in the day we left our special activity and started the journey home. The signalling problem had been solved, so it was a quicker trip home to parents waiting at Sutton station

The District Centenary Trophies were presented at Cubarnival

In joint 2nd Place was 3rd Carshalton and 3rd Cheam, but the winners with 16 nights away in the year were 1st Cheam

img_9056 img_9051 img_9068



3rd Cheam Do a good turn.

3rd C Litter 3rd C Litter 2

The challenge set was to collect 100 pieces of litter

I think they must have been very much appreciated by the amount they collected. Full bags

3rd C Litter 3 3rd C Litter 4

Well done for a very good turn and keeping the Cubs law and promise


14th Wallington Go for a Ride.

14TH cycling 14 W Over the bridge 14 W Wandle facts
14 W Cycle reley

Now let us have a relay.

Not sure who the winner was, but everyone had a good evening

3rd Cheam


Congratulations to our Queen as she celebrates her 90th birthday.

We all like parties and last week I joined 3rd Cheam for their Street Party! I had to help with the preparations.

Lots of Lovely Food

Lots of Lovely Food

Decorations .... I love balloons

Decorations …. I love balloons

Union Flags & Bunting Inside and Out

Union Flags & Bunting Inside and Out


Fun and Games for everyone

Adult Egg & Spoon race

Adult Egg & Spoon race

Three legged race for younger ones

Three legged race for younger ones






As if that wasn’t enough …

S5002443 3ch

Akela was celebrating her 80th birthday. We surprised her with a lovely cake, but I let her blow out the candles.

S5002445 3ch

We also surprised Our ADC for Cubs when she was awarded the Ron Wilkinson Trophy

S5002448 3ch

Celebrations all round and IT DIDN’T RAIN!!!

  1st Cheam 

gary AofM


In June the group Celebrated the presentation of an Award of Merit to an ASL Gary & of 4 Chief Scout Silver award at their Annual General Meeting. In true tradition there had to be a cake


20160605_081330 20160605_081302 20160605_081241

Then my friend 3rd Sedgley Snaggles and I watched while the decoration took place


Z_B Cake sm



Here are two of the Cubs cutting the cake for all to eat.

They were also presented with the fifth 500 point certificate of the Cubs 100 District Challenge.

District Challenge 500 points

14 W _500 20160608_185923 20160608_200728 11TH W_500


Since Half term 14th Wallington, 3rd Cheam, 3rd Carshalton, 11th Wallington & 1st Cheam have received their certificates and prize

Only three weeks to go until the Winning trophy will be presented at CUBARNIVAL

Then some Athletic Badge activities for 11th Wallington Cubs

20160614_200519 20160614_194301 20160614_200516

Cubjam Report on a separate page, but just a taster

20160526_100549 20160527_092546 20160528_122733 P1010317 20160602_145140 P1010399

8th Sutton Trinity

Special Cubs 100 meeting. The original law of the Wolf Cubs.

Old Cub Law

This was not changed for many years and as can be seen by the Wolf Cub Promise life was very different in 1916. Most of those active in Scouting today will have promised to serve The QueenWolf Cub Promise




Each pack would have a totem pole to attach ribbons to when badges were awarded & the top award was The Leaping Wolf Badge. The pack made an example of a modern day Totem pole.

Beautiful Colouring before adding to a pole so the Cubs can add ribbons for any badges they received. The section’s name change to Cub Scouts in 1967 following the Advance Report.



All prepared and ready to start preparing bunting and their flag for Cubarnival.

5th Carshalton (Arthern) Pack

IMG_3379IMG_3382 IMG_3377The first ones are of the war memorial at the duck ponds in Carshalton.


The tree shows the cubs and the grand scale of the largest plain tree in London.

The third set of photos shows the water tower which is in St Philomena’s School grounds.

IMG_3397 IMG_3388






The final location was the historic bakery run by one of our ACSL’s family.

The Stennings bakery, where he made us all a batch of do nuts! They were delicious.

IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3409





A very pleasant evening was had by all…

14th Wallington Shelter Building

14th W Shelter 3 14th W Shelter 14th W Shelters 2

14 W Team Building 2Team Building Activities14W Team building

Digital Citizen Badge

Once again Carshalton Boys Sports College opened their Computer suite so our Cubs could have a fun morning of activities. Thanks to Phil Brittain and his staff

20160416_101048_resized 20160416_102116_resized 20160416_101145_resized

20160416_124921_resized 20160416_103828_resized 20160416_104017_resized

Sutton Contingent Cubjam Sleepoverbanner small

34 Cubs from across the District will roll across The Praries to Tombstone Subcamp to srt up SUNTOT Teepee for Cubjam 2016.

Our sleepover adventures.

I met our Mascots OTE and Little Ote



Totem Pole making

Our tribe medallions

Followed by lots of games, Costume designing and our wonderful headdresses

20160319_145925 20160320_134107



Then we made some Wind Chimes for our Teepee before we undertook an Eagle Egg Hunt.


20160320_100811 20160320_100908 IMG_7401


The weekend finished with learning some Native American songs

We are the Red Men and Land of the Silver Birch

IMG_7423 - CopyIMG_7421100 year paw

We are all prepared now for our exciting adventure in May when we join over 1000 other Cubs at CUBJAM

14th Wallington  – Spring Camp.14th Wal camp

Early season sleepover at Wilberforce Scout Centre

14Wall Mastermind 14Wall Jan camp 14Wall Braekfast

Breakfast was good

14Wall CSOwn 14Wall Ropework

Learning some knots and then our Cub Scouts Own with our GSL. More Nights Away points for the Disatrict Centenary Challenge

3rd Cheam at Easter

3rd Ch EggHunt 13rd Ch Egg EventSainsbury North Cheam supported our Easter Egg Hunt and only one escaped

We found 99. Do not know where the missing one went


  3rd Ch Egg Event 33rd Ch Egg Event 23rd Ch Egg Event 4

SUNTOT Reservation Cubs

Sutton United supported our Cubjam Cubs with a bucket collection

20160402_144817 20160402_145010 20160402_144711 20160402_144812

We raised an amazing £176. Thank You SUFC Supporters

3rd Carshalton – Reptile Encounter

3rd Car reptile 1 3rd Car reptile 4 3rd Car reptile 3 3rd Car reptile 2

11th Wallington – Coombe Farm Lloyds Park

Astronomers Badge, Communication & Entertainment.

11th W fun 11W Astronomer 1

11W Found ItDisc Golf for our hand eye skills and fun in the park.

11W Fun

11W Camp fun

11W campfire

All finished off with a campfire where a new leader from Spain was invested into the group on his first Nights Away adventure in England and has taken the name Hathi.

14th Wallington -Scooter Rally

14W Scooter team

Excitement again this year when the group took part in 2nd Malden’s annual scooter rally.14th W scooting 14th scooting change

They were off and then for a fast change over and off the next one went


1st/16th Sutton – A new experience

1_16th Yoga 2 1_16th Yoga 11

A Yoga lesson and a new skill for Cubs Sitting Still.

1_16th Yoga 4 1_16th Yoga 8

Now for some movement.

Peace and calm to all maybe


 8th Cheam Sleepover

8 Breakfast8 another friend8 boots

Breakfast, a new Friend and muddy boots at 8th Cheam Sleepover, followed by kit storage but I was not allowed on the ladder.

Making bunting for CUBARNIVAL and The Bug Hotel

8 Kitstorage 8 Bunting 8 Bug Hotel

Lots of empty room at the moment, but all creatures welcome.


District Chess Tournament

IMG_7191 IMG_7188








The Brian Fisher Team Trophy went to 1st Wallington Cubs

The individual winner from 3rd Beddington


 1st Cheam Farm to Fork Trail

P1000938 P1000925 P1000934

Hope they may know their Salmon from their Mackerel & a Prawn from a Trout.

14th Wallington Spring Nights Away.

14Wall Braekfast 14Wall Ropework

Preparing for Backwoods breakfast and then learning knots. Then Mastermind14Wall Mastermind

I had a great time Thank you to all who had fun this weekend


1st/16th Sutton Journey bookCubs having fun from the Resource book

20160111_191957 20160111_192048

One legged hand wrestling.



9th Carshalton adventure

9th Carshalton adventure

14th Wallington pioneering

14th Wallington pioneering

3rd Carshalton

3rd Carshalton


An Autumn camp at Park Farm. Banstead District campsite. The Beavers were joining in the FUN



11W Camp



Pioneering ropes and staves at the ready to make something.



3rdCarshalton are hanging free on the High Ropes at Gilwell Park

11th Wallington Cubs having fun in the woods



At Camp over the summer we have seen  15th Wallington making ballistas.



1st Cheam Cubs on the climbing Wall, an obstacle Course and Bivouacing

2015Day3_shelters_32015 Adv Trail








In July Packs from across the District took part in Water Activity Day on Wimbledon Pond.
















Pictures of Sutton Cubs getting Adventurous for the celebration of 100 years of Cub Scouting