P1010481S5002408 20160615_224218 The shirts were packed, souvenir programmes printed & the bags were ready. I was packed and 7th July 2016 arrived. The initial set up crew descended on Polyapes Scout Campsite on Friday.

P1020641 P1020638 P1020636

How were we going to make this empty field look like a party was going to happen?


A Monkey Bridge and Party tent to start with seemed the best way forward thanks to some special friends and Leaders who came down early as they were off to Gilwell 24 for the weekend. P1020642 P1020653 P1020654




Then for the sign that something was to happen here!!!P1020644

So what else would we need?….. Some extra Loos which arrived before the Cubs.P1020666




Later all the groups and their tents began to arrive Vans and lorries needed unloading and very quickly the grass began to disappear.

The brilliant Sound system arrived and was installed by Tom and Friend from  Fusion Sound Lighting so that everyone could know what was about to happen next.


Gazebo, Garage tents, party tents, frame tents, hike tents and shelters of all description were quickly erected and so we were nearly ready.

The Celebration centre piece cake needed to be assembled and what a structure.P1020648 P1020650 IMG_8247

Thanks to Melanie. The story of Cub Scouting and Sutton Cubs.


IMG_8232 - Copy P1020669

The Bunting was up, the field was ready, so what was missing?



I tried out the picture frame Testing frame Leaders breakfast

Firstly with my ADC and then the breakfast crew. Croissants and porridge Thank you.


Saturday 9th July 2016

The coached picked up 320 excited children from Wallington and Cheam at 07-30.IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8258




Safely on board with their leaders, off they went to Polyapes thanks to the support of Chivers Coaches and their friends at Banstead Coaches.

The quiet overnight site was vanquished with the noise of happy Cubs by 8-30 and the excitement had begun.

The opening Ceremony was at 9-30 and the sight of our Cubs in Electric Yellow shirts ready for the Fun was breathtaking.



We felt it was a special occasion and warranted a opening Grand Howl. The biggest my ADC has ever run.

We awarded Wood Beads to Robert 1/16th Sutton, 10 year Service certificate to Katie from 1st Wallington, 5 years certificate to Catharine from 1st Cheam.







Two Chief Scout Silver awards were also presented to Katie from 11th Wallington and Oskar from 8th Sutton.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then it was off to the bases. Archery, Fire lighting, waffle making, periscopes, International Badge, Model Airplanes with Steve Midson, Navigators Badge, Road Safety, Leaping Wolf Tests, Magic or balloon new skill, cardboard box P1020674cooking, pioneering, flags P1020676 & saints, problem solving, woggle making, while a group of Mums prepared and delivered lunch for 150 helpers.


Just some of the many activities to do on Saturday.

Exhausted from the wide variety of activities available it was time for a sit down, a drink and some cake  from The Bakery in Carshalton Beeches and then a demonstration of Martial Arts by Yamabushi Yodokan Judo club.

IMG_1186 [402145]







While this had been going on I had been helping set up the Pack Challenge.IMG_8572 P1020651 P1020652

A pack of Bamboo canes, a pushchair, paint, cardboard, scissors, crepe paper, twine 20160619_100040 20160624_204936 20160619_11244120160625_211149and gaffer tape .

I secretly devised mine in my ADC’s garage before we went.


Here is mine made earlier as I was having such fun seeing all the Cubs enjoying the event and taking part in so many different activities.

The pack’s were issued with their kits and off they went to their camping area for an evening meal.DSCF0021 20160709_174452 20160709_174034

Each pack had to supply different Cubs during the evening to take part in the Games section to earn points for their Packs to go into the District Challenge. Thanks to Mark Sagrott and Bernisi Morrin who arranged the event for us.

13 DSCF0028 DSCF0032

It ended with a Tug of War before each pack took part in a Pinata Fiesta

P1020677 15 16

After collecting  a glow stick the children returned to their Pack area for cocoa and preparation for bed. Not sure how much sleep was had.

SUNDAY 10th July

Carnival Day

Breakfast was eaten in their camping areas, before assembling for the special photograph (in “Sunshine Yellow shirts today) which was followed by a Cub Scouts Own led by Matthew Hewitt GSL 11th Wallington.

320 Cub Scouts into 100

320 Cub Scouts into 100

The morning was then devoted to more work on Floats and lots of Fairground Games.                                                        

Meanwhile our DC Mark and his team had been hard at work on the BBQs and so over 500 for lunch meant time slots had been allocated.IMG_8587 IMG_8683


Burgers, Sausages and Vegetarian options plus the obligatory sauces

Sitting in the sun for a rest seemed to be appreciated by most.

IMG_8685 IMG_8676 IMG_8684

While all this had been going on the extra Leaders and the Explorers had been carefully striking the Sleeping areas to allow the children to continue with the fun and games.

The Packs then returned to their secret preparations for the Finale.

In the presence of The Deputy Mayor Mr Steve Cook and his wife The Deputy Mayoress Mrs Pauline Cook,  the finale began.The music was provided by Kingston and Malden Scout and Guide Band. The two MP’s for our area Tom Brake and Paul Scully also very kindly attended during the afternoon.

S5002511 Paul Scully


Then the Parade started

After the parade of the Floats Mr Deputy Mayor selected the top three for prizes


The winners were 1st Wallington.

It was then time to recognised a special Lady Pam Clarke as it will be her 80th birthday this year. Thanks for all she does as Akela 3rd Cheam.IMG_8896

Presentations for Best Flag, Bunting, Costumes and Masks were awarded.

Our ADC then presented Steve & Jill Luck, Sian & Matthew Hewitt and Anne Nelson with personally designed plaques by Coluna for all their work towards CUBARNIVAL.

IMG_8917 IMG_8913






Mr Deputy Mayor helped our departing ADC(Cubs) cut a marvellous cake.

IMG_8936We then thanked Susan for all her work and surprised her with a special Steiff Bear to recognise 100 years of Cub Scouting.IMG_9087

It was then time to bring the flags down on CUBARNIVAL


We wish for another 100 years of Cub Scouting across The World.

Thank you to All who made this possible.