2016 Chertsey Show

I’ve just been on another new adventure, Chertsey Show 2016.  Jill took me in her back pack and  I’ve never seen so many animals in one place! This is what it is all about –

Chertsey ShowThe Chertsey Agricultural Association was founded in 1833 when a group of local farmers and landowners, who met at local ploughing matches, decided to form the C.A.A. 

This was to encourage a more widespread knowledge of, and to improve the use of, agricultural techniques in arable and livestock farming.

 Ploughing matches led to the foundation of the Chertsey Show at which livestock classes and classes for Market Acreage were judged. Awards were made annually to encourage agricultural labourers, both for long service with the same Master and rearing the largest families without the aid of Parish Poor Law relief.

Photograph courtesy of Kevin Hick’s Photography

 By the end of the 19th Century the Annual Show had developed into an important local event with show classes for horses, cattle, pigs and sheep, basically serving an area within a 15-mile radius of Chertsey Church.

 In 1991 the decision was made to hold a two-day show to enable time for the ever-increasing classes especially on the horse front.  Since this time the show has been able to settle on one site once again through the goodwill of the then tenant and now through the positive support of the new owners of the Chertsey Meads – The Runnymede Borough Council.

CHS S5002524

Here I am at the entrance to this year’s show. 

CHS S5002525







Well it didn’t say that Wolf Cubs were not allowed in the Horticultural tent, so off I went …

CHS S5002526


I met a new friend called a scarecrow”.  The purpose of the scarecrow is to scare crows away from your crop, but the crows have grown wise over the years and no longer fear it.


CHS S5002527

CHS S5002529 CHS S5002528





A Vegetable Monster … Grrr

Giant leeks and a huge pumpkin.  I wouldn’t like to carry those home.

A floral arrangement in the Westminster Abbey categoryCHS S5002530

CHS S5002536


I had great fun watching the Dog Agility. They go over, round and through various obstacles so fast!


CHS S5002537

The Heavy Horse Turnout on their way to the Main Ring.

CHS S5002538Cattle being judged.




At this year’s Show on The Meads, there were cattle, sheep, pigs and goats, a pet show, a Companion Dog Show, Dog Agility, a Craft and Food marquee, horticultural marquee with vegetables, flowers, domestic and craft classes, Scarecrow competition and trade stands.  Horse Show plus Heavy Horses.  Plus lots more …


There was just so much to see that I might have to go again next year to see all the other things that I missed.