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Well I’m off on my travels again and this time I’m heading to the otherside of the world, Australia! I took the cab with David and Kevin to Heathrow airport.Aus 13

It’s a very long way to Australia, it takes over 24 hours to get there! so we decided to see Hong Kong on the way!

In Hong Kong we stayed just north of the main island in an area called Kowloon. The island used to be owned by Great Britain but now it is an independent country.

Aus 15The best place to see the whole of the island is from the top of the mountain in the middle called the Peak. To get there you need to take a tram up the very steep hills but the view from the top is amazing! The island is a mix of forest and skyscrapers.

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Before the island was owned by the British it was a part of China. They still have lots of reminders of this like the traditional boats, temples and dragon statues.

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Everynight they light up the skyscrapers on the north of the Island and call it “the Symphony of lights”.Aus 21Aus 3

Lots of famous people come from Hong Kong including famous martial arts expert Bruce Lee.Aus 17Aus 5

Look! They use Bamboo instead of metal poles in thier scaffolding. Bamboo is actually a type of Grass, it grows very quickly and is very strong. It’s also good for the environment!

Aus 30There are lots of traditional markets on the island selling all sorts of things from clothes, gifts and even live fish!

Aus 18The lion behind me is outside the HSBC building, it’s the headquarters of the very famous bank that you can see on high streets in the UK! The are 2 lions which are named Stitt and Stephen after 2 of the old Chiefs of the Bank. People who work here rub the lions paws on thier way into the building for good luck.

Well now it’s time to head to Sydney! Sydney is the largest city in Australia but it’s not their capital, that’s in Canberra. Normally Australia is sunny and hot but when we arrived it was raining, what bad luck! It was one of the worst storms they have ever seen in Sydney but we put on our waterproofs and made the best of it!

Aus 22From our hotel we had an amazing view of Sydney Harbour. Helping people cross the harbour is the world Famous Sydney harbour bridge. It connects the North and South of the city, it was opened in 1932 and is still the tallest Steel arch bridge in the world. It took nearly 6 million rivets to build it, that’s a lot!

Aus 23


Across the harbour is theSydney Opera House is a huge concert hall in the harbour which is a Unesco world heritage site. Each roof section or “shell” is actually covered in lots of small tiles to make it look how it does.

Aus 1Just a short bus ride away from the city is Bondi Beach, this is a world famous beach and everyday you can see lots of surfers riding the waves!



Sydney was great but now we are heading a bit further north to Brisbane, it’s the third largest city in Australia with lots to see and do. When we arrived it was Anzac Day. This is when Australians remember the brave men and women who gave their lives in battle. This is like our Remberance Sunday in Britain, but they remember their heroes on April 25th to commemorate the Battle of Gallipoli from World War 1 when lots of Australians lost thier lives.Aus 27

When the sun came out we took a trip on a boat to Lone Pines. Lone Pines is a zoo and Koala sanctuary. Australia has lots of very special animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

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Aus 9Despite being called Koala bears by some people they are not bears, they come from a group of Animals called Marsupials. Bears are mammals.Aus 10

This weird looking creature is the Duckbilled platypus. It looks like a cross between a duck and a beaver but it also lays eggs, how strange!

Aus 24Aus 25Brisbane has lots of other things to see like the Wheel, it’s a great way to see the whole of the city. This is the treasury building, it was where the local government used to meet but now it’s a casino.

Well that was an amazing trip but time to head back to Cheam to get some rest before my next trip!

Thank You so much to David and Kevin who let me join them on a fantastic journey to the other side of the world The Antipodes

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