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My final adventure for 2015.

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21st December 2015

Hello, this time I am travelling to Scotland with Zacharia and Yahya. It took a long time travelling to Stansted Airport. We crossed through the Dartford tunnel which was a mile long. We also saw the Dartford bridge on the way there; it looked pretty cool! I haven’t been to Glasgow before but I am sure that Zacharia and Yahya have. We got dropped off at the airport at 12:50pm and we had to rush because our flight took off at 1:30pm. Luckily we managed to get through security reasonably fast. Unfortunately, when we boarded the plane, we realised that they didn’t have the usual games console that is normally on the back of the seat in front of you. When we landed it took a long time for the bus to stop at the stop nearest to our hotel. It took even longer to get to our hotel and we even had to ask 2 people for directions! When we finally found our hotel, we got the key and entered the room for the first time. It was amazing! It had 2 king-sized beds, a massive TV, cosy chairs and even a luggage rack! Unfortunately it was the end of the day. See you tomorrow!

22nd  December  2015

I woke up to a rainy day in Glasgow this morning, but I was still excited; we were going to the Glasgow Science Centre! We went to lots of exhibits in there. We watched a show, called Destination Space. It was all about space, the astronauts, inventions and rockets.I even got a ride on one of the best inventions there – the Hover board! After a relaxing lunch at Nandos, we got a taxi and returned to the Science Centre. We saw the rest of the exhibits. After that, we went to a fancy restaurant called “World Buffet”. It was so nice and we got lots of chocolate. The only problem was that afterwards, I felt like I was going to burst! By then, it was already 9:55pm so we had to go back to our hotel. I really hope that we have this much fun tomorrow!

23rd December 2015

I got disturbed by a mixture of the howling wind, the cold of winter and the bright sunshining through the window. But I was still excited because we were going to the Glasgow 1Cinema, The Transport Museum and last but not least: WonderWorld!! First we went to WonderWorld, and every hour Disney characters came out for us to see. Glasgow 4WonderWorld is a place were there are lots and lots of fun and cool games. Yahya took a picture of me in a racing car and put me in Minnie Mouse’s hands for an amazing picture. Next was the Transport Museum.

Glasgow 2First in the Transport Museum was The Tall Ship, and I wanted to help Zacharia and Yahya mop the deck, the whole deck! Glasgow 3Then we went inside to see all of the fancy cars and all of the other amazing vehicles. After that we had to wait an hour or so for the taxi to go to the Cinema to watch: Charlie Brown And Snoopy – The Peanuts movie. After the movie we went to a café called Panda. I was really tired so I had to go to sleep.

24th December 2015

Its Thursday and the day we were going back to England. I woke up at the same time as Yahya. We went down for breakfast and I had scrambled eggs. Next I went to our room to pack our luggages and then we went outside to get our taxi to go to the airport and it took 10 to 15 minutes to get to the airport. When we took off I had a stomach ache, but luckily Phao told me how to get rid of it. I enjoyed the trip to Scotland very much and I wish that I could go back again!!

Another lovely story of a two cubs on a trip



15.12.2015    I’ve just had a front row seat to watch Major Tim Peake blast off in the Soyuz rocket, bound for the International Space Station. Of course I was watching it on the television, but it must have been so exciting to have been there!

Maybe one day, someone who is reading this will go into space. That would be great fun, but don’t forget to take me with you.


The mission is called Principia, after Isaac Newton’s great work, the Principia Mathematica. Published in 1687,  It is widely held to be the greatest work of science ever published. Once at the station, Major Tim Peake will work on science experiments and “housekeeping”. A large part of the astronauts’ work is to keep everything working on the ISS. He will also run the London marathon on a treadmill on the station during the event on 24 April 2016.


The mission badge, featuring Newton’s apple and the Soyez rocket, has been designed by Troy Wood, a 13-year-old who won the BBC’s Blue Peter competition to design the patch. He beat 3000 other entries.


TP 1    A last goodbye before Major Tim and his co astronauts enter the spacecraft. His commander on the flight is Russia’s Yuri  Malenchenko, who became the first person to marry in space.  The third astronaut is Nasa’s Timothy Kopra.

This is Major Tim in the space craft waiting for the launchTP2





The Soyez Spacecraft lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. This is the same place that launched the world’s first astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, on 12 April 1961.

Eight minutes, 45 seconds after launch, Soyuz will be in orbit. Major Tim and his fellow astronauts will then attempt to fly the “short docking” route to the ISS. To do this, they must have launched within minutes of the space station flying overhead at Baikonur. If successful, it will allow them to dock at around 17:24 GMT. More safety checks will take place, meaning that they do not enter the space station until 19:25 GMT.








The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station, or a big satellite that people can live in for a long time. The Space Station is the largest manned object ever sent into space. It is a research facility that measures 290 feet in length and 356  feet in width. It weighs more than 1 million pounds.  It orbits 250 miles above the earth and can be seen in the night sky. Scientists are able to study the earth and its environment. They can see changes that are occurring on land, at sea, and with our weather.

TP5   The Space station as it orbits the earth

TP6    The  rocket has docked with the space station and Major Tim has just emerged through the hatch



TP7  Thumbs up from all the crew. Those already working on the Space station and the three astronauts who have just arrived






On Friday 15th January 2016 Major Tim Peake became the first British person to walk in Space and he said he was so proud to be wearing the UK flag patch on his arm.TP Space suit

British astronaut Tim Peake said he will never forget his ‘exhilarating’ first walk in Space.


Major Tim Peake is scheduled to return on 5 June 2016 but he’s already planning his next trip!

What an inspiration to Cubs as they celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting.

1st Cheam’s Christmas Sleepover

P1000836Friday started with a joint Beaver & Cub meetingP1000840 making baskets from clay for our Artist Badge.

We also had to put the roofs on our decorated Gingerbread Houses. All the Cubs had got very sticky with the icing, but the smell was delightful.

20151203_195707 20151203_195928 20151203_195538

P1000843 P1000841 P1000844


The Beavers did not spend the first night on the sleepover, but went home. So the Cubs went out on a walk around Cheam to see the lights and Christmas fair.

P1000850BreakfastSaturday started with cereals and pancakes, before departing for Bag packing at Morrisons. The customers were very generous and we raised money towards our centenary adventures at Cubjam 2016 and Cubarnival.P1000852 A quick trip back in the minibus for lunch by which time the Beavers had returned to join us and we started the afternoon activities with Musical chairs. 20151205_174526 20151205_174602Then it was time to make a Christmas Snowman decoration and an arrangement for the Christmas Dinner table, plus a bauble for the Christmas Tree.

The evening hike was based around the village visiting various activities on Christmas. Thanks to our German Mum there was a traditional decorating activity while reminding the children of the tradition of children receiving sweets in their shoes on 6th December. RudolphRudolph and Santa’s sleigh is common in Britain, so there was a problem solving base of how to get the correct portions of three elements of rudolph’s food along a trail to his feeding point. Different amounts of oats, lentils and green peas.

Then to give some atmosphere there were some ceramic tealights to decorate at the next base for the main Christmas meal. A small walk later it was time to discover that Italy make beautiful marzipan fruits to celebrate Christmas. They tasted very nice and I think they had all tried very hard to make the fruits.Marzipan Fruits P1000865 P1000863

Elf Masks and designing a lego sleigh followed before returning to our HQ to decorate the Christmas tree, some cocoa and bed.P1000867 P1000869

Sunday found us after cereal and a bacon roll in the Park playing a wide game, before returning for a traditional Christmas Dinner.


P1000870 P1000872The afternoon’s games were  running while we made a visit to Santa’s grotto, before collecting our kit and going home

Happy Christmas from 1st Cheam Cubs and Beavers

3rd Carshalton

Recently this pack went on the Tesco’s Farm to Fork trail

Farm to Fork Trail 2015 042

The Cubs learn all about produce and the pineapples & melons look beautiful.




I was fortunate enough to go on their trip to Gilwell Park to take part in JOTI/JOTA day.

JOTI JOTA Day at Gilwell 042

For those that do not know it means Jamboree on the internet / airwaves. You try to make contact with other Scouts around the world.

JOTI/JOTA  Trip by AVA                       Some cubs from 3rd Carshalton were lucky enough to go to Gilwell park to attend the Jamboree on the Air and on the Internet (JOTA/JOTI) activities. We travelled for quite a long time, by mini bus, to get there, but it was worth it because we had lots of fun.

During the morning we did the JOTA/JOTI activities and had fun learning new things.

First we used instant messaging on the computers, we were talking to different cubs in different places. We were messaging about what going to Cubs was like for each of us, what they enjoyed and what they didn’t like.  Next we used Skype, so we could talk face to face to different Cubs around the world, including some in Ireland. We asked if they were having fun and what the weather was like for them.

After we had used the internet, we moved on to the airwaves. We used morse code and figured out how to send our names by clicking on a little machine to make long and short beeps. Then we used amateur radio to connect to Scouts in other parts of the world and we told them about ourselves. We learned the phonetic alphabet to spell our names out. This is often used in the radio, because you sometimes can’t hear very well and lots of letters sound the same, so when everybody knows the same phonetic alphabet it’s easy to know what they are saying.

Before lunch we had a walk around Gilwell Park to explore the site and get some fresh air. Then we were all hungry and we were pleased to eat our packed lunches.

JOTI JOTA Day at Gilwell 095After lunch we did some climbing activities. These were in a big hall full of equipment and fun things to do. There was a big climbing wall which was extremely high and we saw how fast we could get to the top, another wall was wide and low, we didn’t need to have any ropes for this one as there were mats and not too far to fall!  We could just get on and climb along the wall using the hand and foot grips.

Then we put our helmets and harnesses on. In the middle of the hall there were a few climbing activities to do. One of them was two thick wooden poles hanging from the ceiling, connected one above the other with chains. The poles had hand grips around it so we could climb to the top.

The next activity was rope ladders which twisted and turned, so it was tricky to get up to the top and ring the bell. It was fun racing against each other to see who could ring the bell first.

Another had horizontal wooden logs going across with the gaps between getting bigger each time. This is a team work activity so we needed to help each other and worked with Cubs from other group.

The last one was a huge rope net and above it there were two tyres hanging and we needed to get to the top of the net and the tyres.

Sadly that was the end of our day and we headed back home. I had an amazing day and learned lots, my favourite activities were Skyping and climbing the tall wall.

The write up has given 3rd Carshalton 50 points for the District Challenge

A Guide Dog came visiting at 3rd Cheam Cubs.

GD 7On Wednesday 7th October we had a visit at cubs from a guide dog.

The Dog was called Erwin and was a Black Labrador-Retriever. She was a lovely dog and stayed calm the whole time.

Her owner explained how Erwin helps her to live her life, especially when she goes outdoors. Erwin helps her owner downpavements and cross roads.

GD 4

The owner also told us that she is an ice-skater, skating for Team GB. Erwin goes on the ice as well but walks very very slowly.

At the end we all got to stroke Erwin who was really soft and we all got stickers. We also all had a picture with Erwin along with the Cub Mascot Snaggles.

Story from 3rd Cheam Cubs. 50 points for the District Challenge Trophy

It is really great to learn about what animals can do to help humans with different disabilities

A Jumble Sale Thanks to 3rd Cheam

I’ve been a Cub Mascot for 2 years and I had never been to a Jumble Sale, so …

Jumble 1

I wonder if all the pieces are here?


Jumble 2
I thought flowers were supposed to smell?   These just tickled my nose.

Jumble 3


Look, I’ve found another hat!

Jumble 5
Time for a coffee break, with biscuits, Mmm yummy.

Jumble 6

Not quite my size!Jumble 7

Rugrats – who are they?

Jumble 8

Helpers at the sale. They call themselves “The Jumblers”.


Who said Jumble sales are boring?  I had great fun and money was raised for the Group too!

Emergency Aid – October 2015

The Cubs of 1st Cheam began some work on emergency aid this term after their visit from an Ambulance earlier this year. This was a local ambulance. I had also helped with The British Red Cross Ambulance team before See here ambulances

How to help, if you come across an incident, what to do if someone stops breathing, or is unconscious. The action to be taken if someone is not responding and how to recognise who needs help.

20150305_194925Using a piece of equipment the Cubs were shown what happens when the tongue stops the person breathing and why it is important to get the airways open. The head needs to be tipped backwards to allow the air into the lungs.


Then after demonstrations of the way to put a patient into the Recovery Position they all had a go. Remember none of us know when we may need to use the knowledge we are taught at Cubs.

  • Do check it is safe before approaching a patient.
  • Always get adult help as soon as possible.
  • Remember to place the hands and legs in the correct place.
  • A gentle role is all that is needed if they are in the correct position.
  • Carefully tip the head backwards to ensure airway is open.
  • Staying to reassure the patient while waiting for help.


 8th Sutton Camp – August 2015P1000596


I decided to take a trip down to Walton Firs when I returned from the World Scout Jamboree to visit a Cub Camp.

They had suffered a bad first night with the rain, but it had now stopped, so I went for a recce of the site. I found their trek cart.


They had a big marquee tent, but their wood was very wet


P1000597 P1000634

I found their cooking area and was really pleased to see the water was on for a nice warm cup of tea. The breakfast of cereal, followed by eggy bread was really enjoyable.

Then it was washing up time and with over 20 Cubs and 10 leaders there was quite a lot.

P1000610 20150830_090422 P1000609As is usual at a Cub camp there was kit everywhere so to help them look after their kit and themselves it was  kit inspection following their meal.

P1000618 P1000627 P1000626The usual comments of I cannot find or These are not mine could be heard, but finally they were ready for Akela to inspect their kitP1000621.  P1000632

There were many points to be awarded

After a quick game of football it was nearly time for elevensees and what a selection of cakes there were

P1000644 P1000643

The children were all having a great time and the programme had so much for them to look forward to, before they came home, Tired, Dirty but full of new adventure stories and friends.



Sunday 26th April

ADC & WBToday I did not accompany my ADC to Windsor as I went last year. St George's Day MH1She did though get to meet Wayne Bulpitt the Chief Commissioner, but I attended the Sutton St George’s Day Promise Renewal. I was honoured to join the Colour Party.

All the groups assembled in Manor Park

St George's Day MH6

We followed the bandSt George's Day walked pass the Mayoral party before travelling down the High Street, back up Throwley Way into the park for our Promise Renewal Ceremony where all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts renewed the promise they had made at their investiture.


Solar Eclipse – 2o/03/15

SE 1

Here I am waiting for the big event!  I was told that as I didn’t have the special glasses required to protect my eyes, that it was safer for me to watch it as it happened on the television.

SE 2This is what the people in Newlyn in Cornwall were able to see.   

The Moon continues to move in front of the Sun, until only a small crescent of light can be seen.

As the crescent disappears, tiny specks of light are visible around the edge of the Sun. These specks of light are called Baily’s Beads and are the last rays of Sunlight shining through the valleys on the edge of the Moon.

Suddenly the sky is dark, but if you look toward the horizon you will see a reddish glow which looks like a Sunset.

SE 3

My first Solar Eclipse!  Unfortunately it was very overcast in Sutton where I live, so it didn’t become very dark, just a little dusk.

Once the Sun is totally eclipsed, the Sun’s corona can be seen shining in all directions around the Moon. This is a spectacular sight because the only time the Sun’s corona or crown can be seen is during a total solar eclipse.

SE 4

Baily’s Beads appear for a few seconds.

When the total eclipse of the Sun is completed, the shadow of the Moon passes and sunlight appears once again at the western edge of the Sun.

SE 5



The Diamond Ring Effect. 

The corona disappears and then a thin crescent of the Sun becomes visible. Daylight returns and the Moon continues to orbit the Earth. The total solar eclipse is over!


I was so pleased to be able to experience this and I hope that you all enjoyed watching and  learning about it too?



Here I am with 14th Wallington Team entry for The Rally.

Resting between goes

The 11th Wallington Team were also present

Just waiting

Everybody is present and ready to start.

No 1 is off

Practice and they let me have a go tooI am ready

It was good fun. There were lots of different scooters on display

Ammassed Cubs-

 Leaders race

Lots of Cub Scouts are assembled at the rally ground.

FunThe course is laid out and ready to go. Lots of fun with all the Cubs who took part.

Both Teams

Two teams after an afternoon of fun and in the sunshine on 7th March

Route Planning for Car Treasure Hunt

Hello everyone.  You will soon be hearing all about my Treasure Hunt by Car and everyone is invited!  I have been out and about planning the route and looking for clues for you all to find.  It’s going to be a great day out so don’t miss it”!

TH 1

This doesn’t look like the right map



This is me checking the correct map.





Here I am wondering which way to send you from the car park.



This looks as though I’m sitting in a boat, but I’m on dry land.


TH4Now I wonder what I might find down there?



 I’ve just been down to the water’s edge.


Well here I am as promised with more news of my Treasure Hunt by Car …

I have been out for what I think will probably be the last planning session before the BIG day!

pic 1 21.03

This is just a small part of the site.  Lots of room for Fun and Games at the end of a fun day out with all our friends and families.

pic2 21.03

What a strange place to have a sink! Don’t forget there will be a lovely BBQ waiting for you when you have completed the course.

pic3 21.03

All good planning deserves a nice cup of coffee and a warm up.



After all the planning, great news! invite

I’ve just seen the Treasure Hunt by Car invites coming off the printer.


invite replies

I had the very important job of stapling the replies to the invites.

Here I am with my red stapler, being very careful to keep my paws out of the way.



My trip to Coombe Farm with 11th Wallington

20150221_083307The day started out quite white and the roads were very wet as I travelled to meet up with the Cubs who were on a Nights Away adventure with Baloo, Matthew and Pine at Coombe Farm, Croydon.Goodies Arrival

I thought it would be  nice if I took some cookies which had been made fresh. They had cherries, fruit and crunchy cereals on the outside.


I arrived after the Cubs had done some firelighting. The Cubs told me they had difficulty finding dry wood

Firelighting 2 Fire lighting 1

BUT There is no smoke without FIRE

so they did get them going in the end.


When I arrived Pine was making their lunch of sandwich, fruit and crisps which I think all the Cubs were ready for after their morning’s activities

20150221_130224 20150221_130209

The tomatoes were just my size and then it was time to find my travel bag for the afternoon adventures of compass and bearings.



This will really help me with my next job with Steve and Jill Luck of preparing the Car Treasure Hunt route ready for 13th June 2015.

The Palace of Westminster

with The Snaggle Hunt Prize Winners

Queen Elizabeth Tower

Queen Elizabeth Tower

I am so excited as I am going to visit the Palace of Westminster with Phil and Avril who won a prize in the Snaggles’ Hunt.

We went on an underground train which I did not like as you cannot see anything out of the window and there were a lot of people. When we came out of the station we saw this big clock called Big Ben which makes a very loud noise.

The wonderful tower that houses the Bell Big Ben was renamed from St Stephen’s Tower in 2012 to Queen Elizabeth Tower to commemorate our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

There were quite a few policemen at the entrance to the Palace and I had to sit in a tray and go through a machine, something called security. Then I got my badge which I had to wear all day.

Security Cleared

Security Cleared

We had a very long tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons and my little legs were very tired. I liked the green seats in the Commons and red seats in the Lords but could not sit on them because I had not been elected as an M.P.





In the House of Lords is the Queen’s throne which is all golden and very ornate, but I could not sit on that either! I learnt a lot of history and saw lots of interesting things and our guide was good at telling stories. 
When we had finished a nice man called Mr. Paul Burstow, who is the M.P. for Sutton and Cheam, took us to the Pugin Room – I could see the River Thames out of the window – and there we had a very welcome cup of tea in beautiful china cups. 
In the afternoon we saw Parliament in session, but I was a very tired little wolf cub so I fell asleep and woke up on the train coming home. What a busy day. I wonder where I shall go next?

 2015 First Exploits

After spending the year with Caterham F1,  I’m very grubby , especially my nose , where I’ve been under the bonnets of the cars!  I’ve heard the leaders saying that I need to have a wash so that I am ready for my next adventures …

Soapy Water

Soapy Water



 Uh Oh, I don’t like the look of this. Maybe if I hide behind this blind they will not find me? 





 Now it’s time to rinse off all those bubbles …



Phew, that was like a roller coaster ride.




 I’m feeling very dizzy after all that spinning around inside a pillow case, so that I didn’t scratch my nose.  (Snaggles is standing on his head in this one).



    Ah, lovely and warm in the airing cupboard.  Now I can take a rest!


Now I am all clean I’m ready to tackle 2015.

All the Leaders are talking about COMPASS, but I am more interested in all the new badges that are available for members to try. Lots more FUN & Adventure.

S5002101Look at me!  Many Scouting Badges are being changed and I’m helping with the badge counting … 7, 8, 9, 10.  Now I must write them down, so that we have a record.

It will ensure all the old badges in the District can be used up before September



There are also new brands for all the sections.

_Beaver_multi_stack _Beaver_blue_stack _Cub_green_stack





_Scouts_green_stack _Explorers_blue_stack _Network_black_stack








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